Friday, July 19, 2013

He's Baaaaaack! Jimmy Carter Returns To Suck the Dick of Hamas

What an absolute disgrace.

I'd pull Carter's passport and leave him to die in this country. Pardon me while I put the bag back on my head in shame.

The story comes from Israel National News via The Religion of Peace.

Carter Receives Warm Hamas Welcome, Honors Arafat

Former US President Jimmy Carter embraced Hamas official Nasser Shaer in Ramallah Tuesday. He then lay a wreath on the grave of arch-terrorist Yasser arafat,

Carter greeted the Islamist terrorist leader "with a smile and laugh, kissed him on each cheek, a Palestinian security official said," according to the Associated Press. The reception itself was closed to the media.

Carter plans to meet with Hamas Chief Khaled Mashaal in Damascus later this week.

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Anonymous said...

Carter is the US version of george galloway teh lover of hamas and ISlamic terror groups . This is an old fogey whose best before date was after he got troops killed in the Iranian desert. Why doesnt he just crawl off somewhere lonely and just die like a dog does. Next he will spout off about I*Srael and how evil she is.