Thursday, July 18, 2013

BREAKING: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

It's simple.  Benghazi should be the end of the Obama presidency and the end of tyranny in this country.

The story comes from Family Security Matters.

BREAKING: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

Virginia Republican Congressman Frank Wolf said Thursday that survivors of the Benghazi, Libya terror assault have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from speaking out about the deadly attack.

"According to trusted sources that have contacted my office, many if not all of the survivors of the Benghazi attacks along with others at the Department of Defense, the CIA have been asked or directed to sign additional non-disclosure agreements about their involvement in the Benghazi attacks," Wolf said on the House floor. "Some of these new NDAs, as they call them, I have been told were signed as recently as this summer."

Wolf said that if accurate, "this would be a stunning revelation."

“It also raises serious concerns about the priority of the administration’s efforts to silence those with knowledge of the Benghazi attack in response,” Wolf said.

The congressman said he was requesting from the CIA, Defense Department and State Department a list of all personnel or contractors asked to sign non-disclosure waivers.

“Perhaps through a list of all the employees that have signed the NDAs related to Benghazi we may finally develop a witness list to subpoena for eyewitness testimony to learn what happened that night where we lost four American lives,” Wolf said. “I do not expect the Obama administration to be forthcoming with answers, but if this Congress — if this Congress — does not ask for the information and compels its delivery the American people will never learn the truth.”


Always On Watch said...


This damn administration is so snaky as to better belief!

Always On Watch said...

Make that "beggar belief."

I'm so damn mad that I can't even proofread.

Anonymous said...

Impeach Obama prosecute anyone who lied.

Anonymous said...

I can not refrain from commenting again. Any time a interested group of people push hard for confiodentiality agreementws to be signed, it is because they have usually broken the law or some form of regulation and they know if teh truth comes to light , they are more than likely to be heavily sanctioned or sent to jail.

From Onama right on down to all of those fine bureaucrats who jigged, rejigged talking poionts who marginalized others who were begining to stand up right until now. There is a smell to this act silence the wqitness. I would wager next that some of these people who have much to say but are now muzzled will have accidents happen that will take them out.

Im hope each of them dictates theior story or gets deposed by their lawyers so there is a record inc ase they do have accidents. Paranoid you ask. Not at all. That is just how the occupoants in teh white house would work. Obama and his ilks have more than likely broken several laws that cost good Americans their lives. An Ambassador for god sake. Letting an ambassador get killed is an act of war. I wonder what Stevens wife has to say or has she been threatened into silence. The Seals who knew they would die , what do their gamilies have to say. Why is teh Sf community so damn silent. Why do they not turn their backs of teh CIC when he enters the room. Obama deserves no less. Attention... then an about face en mass right ibn front of CNN and teh leftie news media.