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‘BETRAYED’ Exposing the High Cost of the War on Terror: The Shocking Sacrifice of America’s Special Ops Forces

Believe me, not that many people read this blog here at Holger Awakens but I beg you to get this story to your friends, to your coworkers, to your family, to your neighbors - EVERYONE needs to read this from Major General Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Retired).

If there's one thing you pass around this year, this must be it.  People have to get exposure to this upcoming book - it is going to shake the very foundation of this country and the present administration. 

The story comes from Family Security Matters.

‘BETRAYED’ Exposing the High Cost of the War on Terror: The Shocking Sacrifice of America’s Special Ops Forces


The Tragedy of Extortion 17 (the demise of Navy SEALs and other Special Ops)

On August 06, 2011, Taliban forces ambushed the US Army helicopter CH-47, call name "Extortion 17," in the Tangi River Valley of Afghanistan. This transport helicopter was moving an American reaction force in a relief operation of US Army Rangers that were engaged in a three-hour firefight. Thirty Americans, twenty-five of which were Special Operations, Were aboard that helicopter. One of these warriors was Navy SEAL, Aaron Vaughn.

The tragedy of Extortion 17 on that fateful night in Afghanistan will not fade away because of the efforts of a few brave men and women. Billy Vaughn, father of fallen Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, and Major General Paul Vallely are among them and are now relating a grave incident and its political roots.

Billy Vaughn stands in the defense of American freedom from tyranny; and MG Paul Vallely (US Army Ret.) stands by his side because of his clear-cut military perspective and his extensive background in Special Ops. Together they offer their book today and Hugo House Publishers, Ltd, is preparing to release it - all about the tragedy of Extortion 17:


Exposing the High Cost of the War on Terror: The Shocking Sacrifice of America's Special Ops Forces

The book goes beyond which was discussed in their press conference of May 9th, 2013 at the National Press Club accompanied by other family members of the fallen and noted members of the military. It exposes the political policies and failed ideology that precipitated the unconscionable tragedy of Extortion 17. The book is co-authored by Billy Vaughn and Major General Vallely (US Army Ret). This heart-wrenching book is a must-read.

The book also raises awareness and presents details regarding the possible infiltration of the Taliban into the Afghan Government, and sheds light on other security issues. The official release of the book August, next month, the 2nd anniversary of the demise of Extortion 17 and the death of 30 American warriors. Read about the hard truths. To order, if the button to the left doesn't work, simply click on the link below.

The warriors on that CH-47 Chinook helicopter were compromised by their leaders:

the same ‘leaders' who are supposed to be uniting and securing this nation,
the same ‘leaders' who have ordered surveillance on Americans through the NSA,
the same ‘leaders' who have used the IRS to stymie voices of dissent in our country'
the same ‘leaders' who investigated the press and media, and singled out news organizations,
the same ‘leaders' who forced unwanted and crushing regulations and laws upon us,
the same ‘leaders' that left not just our fighting men and women at risk, but our country, our homes, our families unprotected and unsafe.

© Stand Up America 2013 A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to the Scott Vallely Soldiers Memorial Fund, which supports families of fallen soldiers, their families, and those who are stepping up to serve; and Operation 300, which supports specifically the children of fallen warriors.

The book is being offered for pre-publication sale now in July, our 237th anniversary, as a way of honoring our founding fathers, and the many brave men and women who continuously put their lives on the line to declare America's freedom from tyranny and terror.

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