Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Suicide Bombers Kill 37 at Shiite Mosque in Baghdad

You'll see footage of this attack up at the blog here today - that is, of the aftermath of the attack.

You know, you have to admit that the whole Middle East region has become such a center of peace and calm since Barack Hussein Obama has taken the reins of the free world, right?  I think it is just incredible that since America elected a President with the middle name of "Hussein" and a lineage back to Mohammed, the world of Muslims have all come together to rejoice in the new world of harmony.

(Sarcasm Off)

The story comes from the New York Times.

Suicide Bombers Kill 37 at Shiite Mosque in Baghdad

BAGHDAD — Suicide bombers killed 37 people at a Shiite mosque in the Iraqi capital on Tuesday, in the third consecutive day of sectarian attacks this week.

At afternoon prayer time, the two attackers gunned down three guards at the mosque, in the Qahira neighborhood in northern Baghdad, and then blew themselves up, killing 34 worshipers and wounding at least 57 more, the police said. The mosque is a popular place of worship for students from a nearby Shiite Islamic university.

While there were no immediate claims of responsibility, Sunni extremists have escalated their attacks to undermine the Shiite-led government and to stoke sectarian divisions since the beginning of the year.

The mosque bombing was the latest in a series of attacks this week that appeared to reflect the sectarian turmoil that has erupted across the country. The latest attacks came after the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, threatened Shiites with more violence.

On Monday, two bomb attacks in Taji and one in Fallujah killed 15 people, The Associated Press reported. On Sunday, car bombings and attacks across Iraq killed at least 33 people and wounded more than 100, security officials said.

Iraq is undergoing its most violent period since 2008, with nearly 2,000 Iraqis killed in violence since April, the Interior Ministry has said.

In other violence on Tuesday, four civilians were wounded when a roadside bomb that was targeting a police patrol exploded in western Baghdad, and in the northern city of Mosul, security forces killed two gunmen trying to blow up a polling station.

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