Saturday, June 8, 2013

Afghan policeman kills 7 colleagues in Helmand

The Taliban continue to infiltrate every bastion of Afghanistan's security system whether it be the police, national security force or the ANA...and yesterday, an Afghan policemen murdered seven of his colleagues and subsequently, the Taliban took credit for the kills.

The story comes from The Long War Journal.

Afghan policeman kills 7 colleagues in Helmand

On the same day that two US soldiers and a civilian adviser were killed by Afghan troops in Paktika province, a member of the Afghan Local Police turned on his colleagues at a checkpoint in Helmand province. From Khaama Press:

A local security official speaking on the condition of anonymity said the incident took place in Gereshk district and the assailant police officer managed to flee the area.

The source further added all the weapons and equipments by were taken away by the police officer.

Another account of this attack was published earlier today at Pajhwok Afghan News. Before the news of this attack began to appear in the Afghan press, the Taliban claimed credit for killing six policemen in Gereshk. From Voice of Jihad, the Taliban's propaganda website:

The attack took place yesterday at 03:00 pm when the Mujahid opened fire inside a check post in Zumbuli region's Qala Poti area, killing all 6 puppets inside before joining up with Mujahideen along with seized arms including a sedan vehicle, 1 Pk machine gun, 1 pistol, 2 Ak rifles and an assortment of other equipment.

The green-on-green attacks, in which Afghan forces turn on their own, often are far more deadly than the green-on-blue variety. The last major green-on-green attack reported, on May 28, resulted in the deaths of seven Afghan policemen in Kandahar province.

Meanwhile, in the western province of Farah, an Afghan Local Police commander and an undisclosed number of policemen under his command defected to the Taliban. From Khaama Press:

The officials further added Yaqoub, ALP commander has taken a number of light and heavy military equipments with him.

Provincial security commandment spokesman, Ahmad Fawad Askari confirming the report said that the ALP commander has taken 18 weapons along with an armored national police vehicle with him.

Mr. Askari further added that the commander has surrendered all the weapons and the armored vehicle to Taliban militants.

The frequency with which Afghan security personnel are either turning on ISAF personnel or their Afghan colleagues, or defecting to the Taliban, does not bode well for the future of Afghanistan. You'd be hard pressed to say that Afghan security personnel would be committing these acts with such frequency if they perceived that the Taliban were losing.

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Who do we have to thank for this sort of thi9ng be it blue on blue or green on gree, Obama. His cowardice and zeal to let teh world know he was bringing home teh troops played nicely to teh taliban who are now pushing hard their agenda of taking over Afghanistan again. His actions will insure that all teh priogress that has been made thus far will have been for nought. Soon the taliban will be running the show and that ever corrupt piece of shit hamid Karzai will fuck off to another place where his billions in baksheesh will be spent to live the life of luxury. So many Americans, Canadians and other troops paid the ultimate price, all for nothing . They died in vain. Obama has betrayed them ol "run away Obama" Amazing how much ddamage a community organizer can do when he is teh president.