Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Seven Muslims In Burma Charged With Burning Buddhist Monk Alive

 One of the accused being led out of the court in Meikhtila, May 7, 2013.

The charred remains of a Buddhist monk who was ripped from his motorbike by Muslims in Burma a year ago was the evidence needed to charge seven Burmese Muslims of murder recently.  The Muslims ripped the monk from his motorbike, beat him severely and then doused him with flammables and lit him up...burning him alive until his life was extinguished.

Religion of peace, mind you.

P.s.  the accused pictured above looks really remorseful, doesn't he?

The story comes from Radio Free Asia via The Religion of Peace.

Seven Burmese Muslims Charged With Monk's Death

Seven Muslims in Burma have been charged with the murder of a Buddhist monk that fueled deadly communal riots two months ago in central Meikhtila city, lawyers said Tuesday.

Six of them face the death penalty if convicted in one of the most high profile cases since sectarian violence first flared nearly a year ago.

A seventh suspect, who is under 16 years old, will be tried in a juvenile court in connection with the murder of the monk identified as Thawbita who, according to reports, was pulled off his motorbike, attacked and burned on March 20.

If found guilty, the maximum sentence that could be imposed on the teenager is seven years in jail.

The masterminds of the alleged murder have not been held yet, lawyers said.

"The real four perpetrators [of the alleged crime] are on the run," lawyer Thein Than Oo told RFA's Burmese Service.

He said the suspects were charged under various laws, including the Criminal Procedure Code and Religious Crime Act.

The monk was among at least 43 people killed in a wave of violence stemming from a quarrel between a Buddhist couple and a Muslim goldsmith in his shop.

Last month the goldsmith was among three Muslims sentenced to 14 years in prison each for various offenses, including aggravated assault, attempted injury, and aiding and abetting crimes.

A total of 70 people have been held in connection with the Meikhtila violence, the Irrawaddy journal reported.

They are comprised of 28 Muslims and 42 Buddhists, it said.

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