Sunday, May 19, 2013

Iran hangs two for spying for Israel, US

Well, the Iranians broke out their cranes of death today and hung two men they accused of spying against the regime - saying that one man was linked to Israel's Mossad and the other was working with America's CIA.

On the other hand, these could have been two poor saps at the wrong place at the wrong time when the Ayatollah's regime of destruction decided to remind the people of Iran what could become of them at any moment in time.

The story comes from Times of India.

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Iran hangs two for spying for Israel, US

TEHRAN, Iran: Iran hanged two convicted spies on Sunday, one found guilty of working for Israel, the other for the United States, the Tehran prosecutor's office announced.

Mohammad Heydari was convicted of "receiving payment to provide intelligence on various security issues and national secrets in repeated meetings with the Mossad," Israel's intelligence agency, a statement said.

Koroush Ahmadi was found guilty of "providing intelligence on various issues to the CIA."

The statement did not give further details.

Iran accuses its arch foes Israel and the United States of waging a deadly campaign of sabotage against its nuclear programme and has announced a string of arrests of alleged agents in recent years.

In May last year, Iran executed Majid Jamali Fashi after convicting him of spying for the Mossad and of playing a key role in the January 2010 assassination of a top nuclear scientist in return for payment of $120,000.

Iran is also still holding US-Iranian national, Amir Mirzai Hekmati, a former US Marine, whom it accuses of being an operative of the US Central Intelligence Agency, despite vigorous denials by both Washington and his family.

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