Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fort Hood Shooter Continues to Collect $278,000 Army Salary

Instead of Nidal Hasan being hanged or having been cut down by a firing squad for his Islamic terror attack on Fort Hood where he murdered 13, he has been sitting and waiting and protesting his trial and has had pussy judges agree with his claims and all along, the guy has been paid his military salary.  Yep.  You and me have paid this man close to $300,000 AFTER he cut down our soldiers on American soil.

If Nidal Hasan had been John Smith (a Christian) he would have been tried, convicted and executed 18 months ago.

The story comes from The Clarion Project.

Fort Hood Shooter Continues to Collect $278,000 Army Salary

An exclusive investigation by the NBC affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth has revealed that Major Nidal Hasan, the radicalized Muslim army psychiatrist who killed 13 and wounded 32 in a shooting spree in Fort Hood, Texas, is still being paid his army salary. The Department of Defense confirmed that Hasan has collected $278,000 since his November 5, 2009 attack on fellow service personnel.

Since a trial has yet to be held, Hasan officially has not been proven guilty. He is thus eligible under the Army’s Military Code of Justice to collect his salary and have access to the money (along with his family).

NBC reports that there is a possibility that, if proven guilty, the Army could demand from Hasan the cost of treating the wounds he incurred when a policeman shot him to stop the attack. However, military officials refused to disclose to the network whether or not they will ask for such a payment.

Meanwhile, since the government has designated the attack as “workplace violence,” Army personnel who were wounded in the attack are not eligible for medical and other enhanced benefits given to soldiers wounded at war or during the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

Hasan had become radicalized, in part, through correspondence with notorious Al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Alaki, a correspondence that the FBI was aware of, yet failed to act on. Hasan yelled “Allahu Akbar (God is great)” during the attack.

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