Wednesday, May 22, 2013

British soldier ‘beheaded on London street by Muslim terrorists’

Hang on to your guns, America.  Hang on to your guns.

The story comes from Family Security Matters.

British soldier ‘beheaded on London street by Muslim terrorists’

The British government has called an emergency meeting of its highest-level anti-terrorism task force after a serving soldier was hacked to death on a busy London street today.

The soldier, said by witnesses to be wearing a t-shirt supporting ‘Help for Heroes' - the charity that raises funds for injured UK service men and women - was attacked by two men near the Woolwich Barracks area of London. British military units are based at the barracks.

Witnesses said attempts were made to behead the soldier.

The attackers were said to have waited for 20 minutes while specially-armed units of the Metropolitan police service arrived. The men then attacked police officers and were shot. Latest reports say both are in local hospitals, at least one of them in a serious condition.

Witnesses said the pair attacked the man viciously, hacking at him with a machete. Some witnesses said they tried to decapitate the victim as he lay in the street.

The calling of a meeting of the UK's Cobra committee is a strong indication that the British government regards the attack as terror-related. Islamic fundamentalists have long threatened to attack British service personnel in a guerilla-style attack. Terrorist videos have also featured British Muslims threatening to behead a UK soldier if they got the chance.

Nick Robinson, political editor of the British Broadcasting Corporation, confirmed the UK government was treating the attack as terror-related.

The attackers shouted ‘Allahu Akhbar’, Arabic for ‘God is Great’ during the attack and in the confrontation with police, according to witnesses.

A witness named James told London’s LBC radio: “We saw clearly two knives, meat cleavers. They were big kitchen knives like you would use in a butcher’s. They were hacking at this poor guy. We thought they were trying to remove organs from him.

“These two guys were crazed, they were not there, they were just animals. They then dragged him from the pavement and dumped his body in the middle of the road.

“They took 20 minutes to arrive, the police – the armed response.

“There was only a few people at first, then traffic began to build up because people were getting out of their cars to shout at them. They were taking no notice, they were standing there, I think they were proud of what they were doing.

“When they dumped the body in the road, these two black guys had the opportunity to hurt other people if they wanted to because there were brave women with the dead guy on the floor. They were shielding and covering him. The attackers with the knives were standing over these women.”

Other witnesses said that as the two attackers waited for police to arrive, they taunted passengers on a nearby London bus, asking them to take their photograph using their cellphones.

Just yards away from the scene is an elementary school, which was immediately put into lockdown.

Last night it was confirmed tat UK Prime Minister David Cameron was returning to the country from an official visit to France, in response to the incident.


Brian Glover said...

Can't believe they just stayed there and bragged about what they did and then tried to attack to the police but no one ever accused them of being brainiacs.

Alceste said...

Arrest more members of the EDL...that should help.

Anonymous said...

round all teh Muslims put them in a detention camp or camps, then send them packing as fast as you can unless you wabnt more of teh same. Bloody mooks kill them all let Allah sort them out

Findalis said...

They will Alceste. Until the British people rise up and get rid of the Dhimmis, more and more of this will happen.

Another reason to thank G-d for the 2nd Amendment.

Anonymous said...

British are like the FBI; beaurocratic pussies. We in America are well on our way to the same unless those of us with brains rise up and take back the Republic from Satan's little lemmings on the left. As cops are disarmed in the UK and low information, low IQ voters in America continue the attempt to obvuscate facts and simple truths for those of us that will never succumb to their pathetically weak arguments, there are underground movements growing that will eventually be the utter downfall of the intellectual scum in our Country led by the petulant infant muslim usurper in the White House.