Sunday, April 14, 2013

How Long? How Damn Long Is This BS Line About Not Being Able To Find and Deport Illegals Going To Fly?

I'm pissed off.

This morning I was watching Fox News Sunday (I know, I'm a sucker for punishment) and Senator Marco Rubio was on to talk about the Immigration Reform Bill that has been worked out by the Gang of Eight.  During that interview, Rubio pulled out the tired old line from the Left that we simply don't have an option to find and deport 11 million illegal aliens from this country.

So, I ask the question...have you heard a SINGLE politician on the Left in this country EVER say that there is NO WAY that we could EVER confiscate every legal firearm in this country?  We can find 250 million guns in this country but we can't find 11 million illegal aliens?  We can find 50 million people who end up not paying for Obamacare but we can't find 11 million illegal aliens?

Let me see...the Nazis in Germany and Poland seemed to be able to round up over 6 million Jews in a relatively short time but hey, we can't round up 11 million illegal aliens in America some 70 years later.

By the way, in case anyone missed the Fox News Sunday broadcast earlier, Senator Dick Durbin was on to assure all of us that the U.S.-Mexico border has NEVER been more secure.

Now I'm off to throw some things.

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Findalis said...

Want to find illegal immigrants is easy. Just walk into your nearest McDonalds. They are working there.