Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CAIR Tries To Bridge Relationships Between Americans and Muslims By Calling Adam Carolla an "Islamophobe"

If you say the Qur'an preaches violence, you're an islamophobe according CAIR. If you make the claim that 90% of the world's terror attacks are committed by Muslims, you're an islamophobe according to CAIR.  If you point out that Muslim clerics daily ask for "death to America", you're an islamophobe according to CAIR.  So when CAIR decided to call Adam Carolla an islamophobe after his appearance on Fox News, well, I guess it's kind of lost its punch now hasn't it?

The story comes from The Daily Caller via The Religion of Peace.

CAIR attacks Adam Carolla for ‘Islamaphobia’

The Council on American Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy organization known for its strong-armed tactics to stifle criticism, took issue Tuesday with comments comedian Adam Carolla made on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

In his appearance Monday, Carolla pointed out that some religions cause more problems than others and that Islamic terrorism is not something to be understood.

“You know, this whole thing of — and it has been going on throughout time, what did we do to offend them? We must have done something to offend these people. Why do they hate us so much? Why are they bullying us up? Perhaps, if we play nice with them, they will stop doing this,” Carolla said, describing the idea of self-doubting appeasement.

“They hate our culture,” he explained. “They hate our way of life. They hate the fact that our women’s boobies get bigger, our cars get longer, our swimming pools get deeper and we’re building skyscrapers and bridges. And Allah is supposed to take care of all this decadence but Allah never does. So they take it upon their hands to do it themselves. And we act like, ‘Well, if just make friends with them, then maybe, they’ll back off.’ They’re not going to back off as long as we’re enjoying our decadent life.”

Tuesday, CAIR National tweeted out The Daily Caller’s article highlighting Carolla’s appearance claiming that it represents Islamophobia.

Later in the day Tuesday, CAIR issued a press release claiming there has been a “wave of of inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric following the Boston Marathon bombings and the revelation that the suspects in the case are Muslim.” The group highlighted a series of television appearances and statements in which Islam was painted in a poor light — including statements made by columnist Ann Coulter, Democratic pundit Bob Beckel, New York Republican Rep. Peter King, Carolla and others

“We believe it is a positive sign that the vast majority of Americans have rejected the type of guilt by association advocated by extremist commentators seeking to exploit the tragic events in Boston to further their personal agendas,” CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said in a statement. “As a nation, we have learned to judge a person based on their actions, not on their faith or ethnicity.”


Bump said...

CAIR must think we are blind and stupid. Profiling works. Islam teaches hate along with the good stuff. It's a fact. And good and bad Muslims can't be divided until the Quran and Sharia is dumped. It will take a major revolution and until then all of Islam is the enemy. Period. All rational infidels have been forced into this defensive posture by militant Islam.

Anonymous said...

Caor if they have charitable status it must be removed. As for being indicted co conspirators in holy land trials, perhaps it is time they be indicted. and while all muslims are not terrorists all terrorists have been muslin. We don't make this up. fair may not like it and want to intimidate anyone who says this but so whatCair can swan off Sue me baby sue me, then let them prove the statement wrong.