Friday, March 1, 2013

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan In Hot Water After Equating "Zionism" with Fascism As a Crime Against Humanity

Here's the deal.  When Israel tries to defend its people against the marauding forces of Islam then they are labeled as "Zionists" by tools of radical Islam like Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan - and finally, this Turkish leader is getting the negative attention by the world that he's deserved for over two years.

What Erdogan really means to say is that the only good Jew is a dead Jew.  That the only non-Zionist Israeli state is a destroyed Israeli state.

This guy's a scumbag...always has been, always will be.  He's no different than one of the mad Iranian mullahs except he wears a suit.

The story comes from The Telegraph.

Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan under fire for Zionism remarks

The comments, made at a United Nations conference on tolerance, were denounced as “dark and mendacious” by the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and condemned the US and the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, who was present and heard them in simultaneous translation.

They also threatened to cause diplomatic embarrassment for the US secretary of state, John Kerry, as he arrived in the Turkish capital Ankara on Friday for talks on Syria.

“As is the case for Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, it is inevitable that Islamophobia be considered a crime against humanity,” Mr Erdogan said in a speech to the fifth global forum of the Alliance of Civilizations in Vienna on Wednesday.

After the remark circulated widely on Israeli media, Mr Netanyahu issued an official response, calling it “a dark and mendacious statement the likes of which we thought had passed from the world”.

The Obama administration, which has sought to maintain close ties with Turkey, a NATO ally called Mr Erdogan’s comments “offensive and wrong”.

“We encourage people of all faiths, cultures, and ideas to denounce hateful actions and to overcome the differences of our times,” a spokesman for the National Security Council, Tommy Vietor, said.

Mr Ban, who was criticised by a Geneva-based website, UN Watch which proclaims itself as being "affiliated to the American-Jewish community", for initially staying silent about Mr Erdogan’s comments, said they breached the spirit of the Alliance of Civilisations, which was formed in 2005 to promote east-west understanding and combat extremism.

"The Secretary-General believes is it is unfortunate that such hurtful and divisive comments were uttered at a meeting being held under the theme of responsible leadership,” a statement from his office said.

Relations between Israel and Turkey — once close allies — have been in the doldrums since 2010, when nine Turkish activists were killed after Israeli commandoes stormed a flotilla heading for the Gaza Strip. Mr Netanyahu has resisted Turkish pressure to apologise and pay compensation for the incident. Ties between the two nations were recently said to be undergoing a quiet revival, amid reports that Israel had resumed selling armament equipment to Turkey.

Mr Erdogan, a former Islamist, has sharply criticised Israel in the past. In 2009 he stormed out of a debate with the Israeli president, Shimon Peres, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, after telling him “you Israelis know how to kill”.


Anonymous said...

Guy is a sumbag because he talks the truth? Which for some reason every jew hates! Get your fact rights...the whole world is not giving him negative feedback on his comments. Its only israeli dogs such as US and UN that have "condemned" his speech, which by the way doesn't mean shit in Turkey, no one in that country or in the Islamic World gives a SHIT ABOUT US, UN OR ISRAELS THOUGHT!!! Before you point fingers to various people and start calling them villains read, and reserach about YOUR SUMBAG COUNTRY AND YOUR HATRED FILLED NATION!!! YOU HATE EVERYTHING BUT JEWS!!! HENCE YOU ARE NOT LOVED BY ANYONE IN THIS WORLD!!! Do you know what just made me laugh...I just found out you hate black people because they immigrate to your country and that you JEWS believe they should be killed for doing so...then I thought of Hitler, WWII, and Holocaust...the irony!

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