Saturday, March 2, 2013

Taliban Threaten To Blow Up 60 Pakistani Cell Phone Shops If They Don't Stop Selling "Shameless" Accessories

Okay you cell phone shops in better stick to only selling cellphones, batteries and chargers or you're dead.  According to the Pakistan, any mobile phone shops selling the nasties like MP3 cards and speakers and such risks having that shop (and all inside) blown to smithereens.

The story comes from DAWN.

Pakistani Taliban threaten to bomb mobile phone shops in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The Pakistani Taliban have threatened to bomb a mobile phone market in the northwestern city of Peshawar for the “shameless” selling of video clips, ring tones and accessories, officials said Saturday.

Some 60 shopkeepers received letters in the post ordering them to burn the offending stock, including memory cards and speakers for MP3 players, and stick to selling only mobile phones and essential accessories.

DVD and CD shops have in the past been bombed by militants who deemed the businesses “un-Islamic”.

In one of the letters, seen by news agency AFP, militants wrote: “Do not compel us to send a bomber… stop this shameless business in one week and burn the shameful stuff. Just sell mobile phones, batteries and chargers.

“Your markets have become centers of shamelessness… Our mission is to stop this shameless business and if you do not stop it yourself then we will make an example of you and your market.”

Officials and police acted quickly to minimise the threat from would-be bombers.

“We have immediately closed down the shops doing ring tones and video clips business, after about 60 shopkeepers received threatening letters from Taliban by mail,” local market association secretary general Shakil Ahmed told AFP.

He said parking spots for motorcycles – which are sometimes packed with explosives and detonated – had been moved away from the market and police had been asked to increase security.

Senior police official Faisal Murad said patrols had been stepped up around the market in Peshawar, which sits on the edge of Pakistan’s tribal region.

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