Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pakistani Fighter Jets Bomb the Piss Out of Taliban Compounds In Orakzai, 25 Taliban Dead

Whenever the Pakistani government and military wants to look "tough" they send fighter jets and attack helicopters into Orakzai agency up in the northwestern territories - it's the easiest way for the government to look like they are fighting back without pissing off the Taliban leaders they are friendly with in North and South Waziristan.

But hey, we'll take 25 dead Taliban any day of the week for whatever reason.

The story comes from DAWN.

Orakzai offensive leaves 25 militants dead

ORAKZAI AGENCY: Twenty-five militants have been killed as jet fighters on Thursday targeted militant hideouts in upper Orakzai Agency.

Earlier in the morning a security forces convoy was targeted in Nadar Mela with an IED, which resulted in the death of one soldier while three others were injured.

Assistant political agent Rafiq Mohmand told Dawn.Com that the militant stronghold of Gundai Mela in Mamozai has been taken over by security forces. Eight militants were killed during the offensive.

He said that during air strikes in Inzar Mela, Jandri Kalle and Adu Khel area of Mamozai, four militant hideouts were destroyed while 12 militants were also killed, adding “those killed are mostly affiliated with the TTP.”

Five militants were also killed in another clash.

Officials also believe that the fall of Gundai Mela to the security forces is a huge success due to the strategic location of the village.

The adjoining mountainous region, near the Dogar village of Kurram Agency, is also a key weapon supply route for Orakzai militants.

However security forces, after taking over key villages in the TTP stronghold of Mamozai, are not advancing to the areas bordering Kurram Agency and Tirah Valley.

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