Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nearly Half of Saudi Women Beaten by Their Husbands

Ever wonder how literally tens of millions of Muslim women in this world are beaten, raped, murdered and tortured by Muslim men across this world and the feminist groups in America say absolutely nothing about it?  Ever noticed that the National Organization of Women seems unconcerned with female genital circumcision in Egypt yet is up in arms about a GOP war on women in America?  Well, it's because the women's groups in America aren't really concerned about the well-being of women...they are concerned about two things - making money for their leadership and in the end, it's all about supporting the genocide of American babies.

That's it.

The story comes from Radical Islam.

Nearly Half of Saudi Women Beaten by Their Husbands

A study conducted by a social science professor at King Saud University in Riyadh revealed that nearly half of the women in Saudi Arabia are beaten by their husbands or other family members at home.

Emirates 24/7 reported that according to a university study by Dr. Lateefa Abdul Lateef, which was published in local newspapers, female students at the university as well as other Saudi women reported that they are commonly beaten with sticks and fists as well men’s head coverings.

Dr. Lateefa, speaking to the Saudi Arabian daily, Almadina, said that "the study showed that nearly half those covered by social security and more than a third of the female students at the university are beaten up at home."

Dr. Lateefa further said that "husbands were found to be beating their wives (the most) ….they are followed by fathers, then brothers then sons…hands and sticks were found to be used mostly in beating women, followed by men’s head coverings and, to a lesser extent, sharp objects."

The study found that both educated and non-educated men beat their wives, but that Bedouin men "dwelling in the desert are less violent with their wives than those living in cities or villages."

The study listed a number of reasons for the aggressive behavior against women among Saudi men. They included misguided religious motives, drug addiction, alcoholism, arrogance, a tendency to control, psychological problems, poverty and unemployment.

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