Saturday, March 23, 2013

French Man and Woman Convicted of Inciting "racial hatred" For Putting Up "No To Islam" Posters

Islam is a race now?

Free speech is dead in France - well, I guess if you speak out against Islam that is.  I'm guessing a poster that says "No To Jesus" would be heralded as art.

The story comes from Islam Versus Europe via The Religion of Peace.

France: Convicted for 'Racist' Posters that Said "No to Islam" and "No Minaret in Our Districts"

A young man and his female companion, activists in the Front national, were prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred this Thursday afternoon, at the magistrate's court of Laval. In the night of 21 novembre 2012, in the towns of Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne at Andouillé, they put up posters of a racist character: "No to Islam", "No Minaret in our districts". Yesterday, they were sentenced to a fine of 800 euros with a suspended sentence. probation.

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