Sunday, February 17, 2013

Video: Lord Knows We Wouldn't Want the Taliban To Worry About a Possible JDAM Once In Awhile

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Anonymous said...

Karzai is an idiot. He is paving the way for a Taliban takeover for which he has a deal with them. His countryn is a war zone, innocents gets killed If karzai were not so corrupt in taki8ng billions of dollars off the top he would have credibility . But he has no creds. He blames foreign airpower for killijng ten people. He does not shed a tear or take any action or make any statements when the taliban and Al quaeda blow up thirty or fourty people. Karzai ...he disgusts me with his smart suits and clean wealthy look. He presides as president over teh most corrupt nation in teh world and his fami8ly are all in it to0 their necks. Karzai needs to shut his cockholster and just go away. I am surprised America did not throw him to the wolves. But then again we have president Obama who is equally as corrupt power wise. Birds of a feather yes!?