Saturday, February 16, 2013

Taking Down the Gun Grabbers: Complain To the St. Louis Blues, Miller Brewing and Drury Hotels About The Schupp Company Advertising Firm

Jill Schupp is a Democrat legislator from Missouri who just happens to be the co-sponsor of the new bill in Missouri that seeks to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens who have the inalienable right to bear arms.

Jill Schupp is complaining that she's getting some negative attention from her efforts.  Well, Mrs. Schupp, welcome to the mess you stepped into willingly and you ain't seen nothing yet.

So, Jill Schupp has decided to come between you and your protecting your family and your country.  She doesn't seem to care about your family much, does she?  I wonder if she cares about HER family?

Jill Schupp's husband Mark runs an advertising agency in Missouri by the name of The Schupp Company.  I think it would be well worth the effort for the readers of this blog to contact some of the clients of The Schupp Company and inform them that you are NOT HAPPY with their choice of advertising company, namely Mark Schupp and The Schupp Company.  Be straight forward - tell these companies that their advertising company's owner is connected to an effort to infringe on your Constitutional rights and that you will need to reassess whether you want to partake of their products at this point in time.

Here are a few of  the clients of The Schupp Company and contact info:

The Saint Louis Blues:

Miller Brewing Company:

Drury Hotels:  Corporate office:  314-429-2255  Facebook:

Welcome to the big leagues, Jill Schupp.


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