Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Grief. Iran-backed Terror Cell Uncovered In Nigeria, Targets Were U.S. and Israeli Interests

At the same time that our Moron-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama is out there trying to conduct some face-to-face negotiations with the Iranians regarding their plans to blow up the world with nuclear missiles, those same Iranians continue to spread their Islamic terror across the world and as is usually the case, the "Great Satan" and the "Little Satan" are the targets.

So, for those not up to speed, the Iranians are supposed to sit down and talk about a nuclear disarmament deal with America at the same time that they have terror cells across the world with orders to kill Americans.

Got it?

The story comes from The Long War Journal.

Iran-backed terror cell exposed in Nigeria

Nigeria's State Security Service (SSS) announced the arrest of three members of an Iranian-backed terror cell that was reportedly planning to carry out attacks on US and Israeli interests as well as former Nigerian officials.

A spokesperson for the SSS, Marilyn Ogar, said that the cell was led by a Shiite cleric, Abdullahi Mustapha Berende, who was arrested last December. Berende, who had received training in Iran, was aided by Sulaiman Saka, Saheed Adewumi, and Bunyamin Yusuf. Yusuf is still at large, according to the Premium Times.

Berende reportedly confessed to receiving training in Iran "in the use of AK 47 rifle and pistol" as well as "the production and detonation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)." The SSS said that "there is conclusive evidence that Berende, in collaboration with his Iranian handlers, were involved in grievous crimes against the national security of this country." According to Haaretz, Berende last met his Iranian contacts in April 2012 in Dubai.

The cell was said to be planning attacks against a number of targets in Nigeria, including "the Lagos offices of the U.S. Agency for International Development [USAID], the Haifa-based ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. and the Jewish Cultural Center," according to Bloomberg. Additional press reports have indicated that the cell also staked out hotels frequented by Israelis and Americans.

The targeting of Israeli and Jewish targets by Iran and Hezbollah appears to be on the rise. Only weeks ago, Bulgaria declared that Hezbollah was responsible for the terror attack in Burgas that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian national last July. And today in Cyprus, Hossam Taleb Yaacoub, a 24-year-old Lebanese-Swedish dual citizen who was arrested on July 7, 2012, admitted in court to being a member of Hezbollah and conducting reconnaissance for the Iranian-sponsored terror group.

Immediately following the Burgas attack, the NYPD's Intelligence Division said Iran has "sharply increased its operational tempo and its willingness to conduct terrorist attacks targeting Israeli interests and the International Jewish community worldwide." Between May 2011 and July 2012, over 20 attacks tied to Iran and Hezbollah against Israelis and Jews abroad were thwarted. These thwarted attacks, not all of which were publicly reported, took place in Cyprus, Turkey, Kenya, India, Thailand, and Azerbaijan, and elsewhere.

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