Sunday, February 24, 2013

Four Somali Muslims In San Diego Convicted of Supporting Terrorist Activities

Why don't I just bluntly state the obvious - the immigration (or forceful insertion) of Somali Muslims to America has been like a blight upon an entire crop.  Our country is filled with violence, strife, and now an example of direct Islamic terrorism by Muslims who have come here from Somali.

My question is this - at what point is one of our leaders or officials going to finally stand up and simply state that the people of Somalia simply are not qualified to be in America, are not representative of the proper candidates for citizenship in this country?

A jury in San Diego has convicted for Somali Muslims of supporting terror activities and one of those four includes the damn Imam in the area.  Well, get used to it...there's more to come.

The story comes from Fox News via The Religion of Peace.

US jury in San Diego convicts 4 Somali men of terrorist support

A federal jury in San Diego has convicted four Somali immigrants -- including an imam from a local mosque -- of conspiring to funnel money to a terrorist group in their home country.

After a three-week trial and three days of deliberations, the jury convicted the four men Friday of conspiring to raise and send money to Somalia's al-Shabaab (AHL-shuh-BAHB').

The U.S. State Department designated al-Shabaab a terrorist group in 2008, and federal prosecutors have since cracked down on the group's U.S. support with the arrests of some two dozen people, mostly in Minnesota.

Those convicted include 40-year-old Mohamed Mohamud, an imam at a San Diego mosque, along with two taxi drivers and a man who operated a financial business that was used to move the money.

Sentencing is scheduled for May.


Anonymous said...

No end of trouble when they came to canada it was rampant thievery drugg running and thugism at its finest. They seem to prefer the same crap they have in Somalia. If the courts were smart strip em of citizenship send them back to somalia.

Holger Awakens said...

Agreed, Anon. 100% agreed.

:Holger Danske