Thursday, February 21, 2013

EDL Leader, Tommy Robinson, Released From Prison In Britain

Muslim and Communist heads are exploding in Britain today as English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, was released from prison.

The story comes from Gateway Pundit and EDL site.


Tommy The Free Man

It is with great pleasure we can announce that Tommy Robinson has been freed from prison!

Tommy applied for release on tag more than 7 weeks ago and today is the day of his release.

Obviously has has conditions for his release which we will update you all on in due course.

Tommy has asked us to thank everyone on his behalf for the support all loyal EDL have shown him through the very darkest of days. He wants to thank all of our international friends for their constant campaigning, for their vigils and their unflinching, unrelenting efforts to apply pressure across the globe.

Tommy would like time to spend with his family right now, he has not left us, he never will, but he is asking for people to respect the time that he needs with his family. For the time being please respect his wish for privacy, and respect his need for a little time away from the EDL so he can get his life back on track.

Our man is back, and when he's back fighting our corner the whole world will know about it.

Keep the faith, keep up all the good work you have put into making the EDL the only counter jihad movement in the UK that matters. It's the work of proud and loyal patriots who have made the EDL a global brand.

Tommy has asked for people to get behind and fully support Kev Carroll, joint leader and co founder of our movement as we keep moving forward.When Tommy gets back they will both lead from the front as they always have.

Tommy never surrendered, Kev never surrendered so neither should we!

God bless you all!



Findalis said...

This is great new. I hope he celebrates a belated Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

If the Uk doesnt kill him, the jihadis will