Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Taliban Ring In the New Year By Opening Fire On Van Full Of Women Health Workers In Pakistan, 7 Killed

Ahhhh yes, it's a new year in Pakistan, and what better way to start the year of 2013 for the Taliban then shooting the shit out of a van full of female medical workers?  You know, these women were on their way to give some medical attention to some people in outlying villages and obviously, Mohammed wouldn't stand for that so the Taliban strafed the van killing seven - one report says six women were killed, one says all seven were women that were killed.  I wonder, do you get double the 72 virgins from allah when you kill seven women?

The article comes from DAWN.

Seven killed as gunmen ambush NGO van near Swabi

SWABI: Seven NGO workers including six women and a medical technician were shot dead Monday afternoon near Swabi interchange, police said.

Station House Officer of Chota Lahor Police Station, Zulfiqar Khan said that the vehicle carrying the employees of Support With Working Solutions (SWWS) organisation (now known as ‘Ujala’) was on its way from a centre of the NGO when it was ambushed at Sher Afzal’s Banda area near Anbar Interchange in Swabi district.

“Yes I can confirm six women and a man has been killed while one worker has been injured,” he added.

Police said that the SWWS workers were targeted when they were returning from school and health centre to home as unidentified gunmen, probably riding a motorbike sprayed their vehicle with bullets.

The deceased have been identified as Dr Amjad Ali, Rahila, Shahriyat Bibi, Zahida Bibi, Gul Naz, Hum Sher Bibi, Naela Naz.

The police say that the motives of the attack have not been known yet and they are investigating.

The bodies were shifted to the Shah Mansoor Hospital, Swabi while the injured has been shifted to the Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar.

The SWWS, with its head office in Karnal Sher Khan Kalley in Swabi, works in health, education and vocational training of women besides working on maternal and child mortality and reproductive health issues.

Umar, a relative of one of the killed women workers, told Dawn.Com that the attackers stopped the vehicle carrying the staff, asked a child sitting in the car to come down and then opened firing on women, who he said were all lady health workers, working with the NGO.


Anonymous said...

I don't consider myself a violent person. I'd like to think I'm above that. I generally don't wish death on anyone but the Taliban and their allies are the sole exception. I don't think they are human. Physically yes. They can bleed and die. But emotionally and spiritually they are non-human. Their deaths are the only ones that don't phase me. If I hear 50 people got killed in some horrific accident I got to bed feeling for them. If 50 taliban get killed I don't bat an eye lid. In fact I go to bed at ease and wake up well rested. Their deaths are the only deaths I think would make the world a better place. They are not men, not human. They are emotional and spiritual voids. They are like zombies. In every movie you see them, people that want to LIVE kill them without giving much thought as to WHAT they're killing. Taliban are WHAT, not WHO. They are the true untermensch.

Holger Awakens said...


That is one of the best comment posts ever put up at Holger Awakens in the history of this blog. I thank you for this.

:Holger Danske

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Holger. They were once human. When they were born and into late childhood. But like zombies they got infected with a virus. That virus is Islam. If you look at it, Islam and zombies have a lot in common. Both mutilate bodies, both have a black and white mindset and both have large reservoirs of manpower they deem expendable in order to achieve their goals. Except Islamic zombies are infinitely more dangerous than those in The Walking Dead. Because they are more intelligent and their goals are more sophisticated than the primitive hunger instinct. They are political zombies. Far more patient. Hence why they practice the discipline of Taqqyia. But like zombies they have to be dealt with in only one way. Negotiating with Islamic zombies is like negotiating with a Lion that has just eaten. Sooner or later he'll grow hungry again and any "treaty" you might have negotiated with him will fly out the window like your body parts. That's why like with zombies and wild animals you set up traps. Our traps should be political. Hidden Cameras in so-called "integrating" Mosques. Hear and watch what they have to say when they have led the liberal Dhimmi cattle out of there and they think they are alone. Then post their de- humanizing message on YouTube and every social media outlet you can think of. If private citizens do this it's easier than Federal authorities who can get tangled up in legal proceedings. The more you do this the more zombie like Islamists wolves hiding in Taqqyia sheep clothing will become. It's not enough that they show their true colors in far away countries. People feel the threat more when the average Joe Mohammed living across the street would murder their daughter for wearing a skirt. The threat matrix has to hit close to home for people to take action. You expose the threat by exposing Islamic Zombies and removing their Taqqyiaist masks.

Wilhelm, Vilnius Lithuania.