Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo of the Day: Lining Up Early For the Inauguration

(Hat Tip:  Henry Bowman)



Anonymous said...

Oh wow I didn't know sheep's eyes glowed in the dark. I've been around sheep during the day. That sunset in the background is quite the ominous sign. Is that the decline of America? Is this the American autumn we are witnessing? Is it Goodnight America?

Wilhelm, Vilnius Lithuania

Anonymous said...

LIke various Empires of teh past that grew prospered and faded away, America under Obama is in teh sunset of it time. America will be gutted of its spirit of Independence , and in its place will be sheeple , millions of sheeple who will beg teh government for permission to do what they used to do on their own. I fear that the time for rebellion against tyranny is soon at hand, and I pray that pour heavenly father guides those who will stand up as patriots against the tyrants