Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dictator Andrew Cuomo Enslaves New Yorkers

Former Governor of New York State, now DICTATOR of New York State, Andrew Cuomo has misled the people of New York and in this week's legislation which enacts severe restrictions on New York gun owners, Cuomo has promised these moves WILL SOLVE THE HORRIBLE PROBLEM of gun violence and mass shootings in his state.

First off, let's listen once again to the ravings of a madman:

Now, I want to point out some of the new TYRANNICAL gun restrictions that Cuomo has put in place in New York State:

  •  immediate ban on semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols with a "military-style feature," such as a flash suppressor or a bayonet mount. 
  •  Magazines would be limited to a maximum capacity of seven bullets, down from the current 10.
  •  requiring universal background checks for all gun and ammunition sales
Okay, so Cuomo, as you heard from the video wants to stop the "madness" - he is enacting this right-infringing legislation because gun violence and mass shootings are OUT OF CONTROL in his state.

"Madness" ???  Really, Dictator Cuomo?  Did anyone in the state of New York ask Dictator Cuomo to point out exactly how many mass shootings have occurred in New York State since 1984?  ARE mass shootings out of control in New York and were they really attributed to so-called "assault weapons?"

Here is the truth, Dictator Cuomo:

Mass Shootings In New York State  (1984 - 2012)   Source

1.  2009 - Binghamton, New York   - weapons used:  .45 caliber pistol, 9 mm pistol

2.  1993 - Long Island, New York   - weapon used:  9 mm pistol

There you go, in the past 28 years there have been two mass shootings in the state of New York.  And so Dictator Cuomo has stripped law-abiding citizens of New York of certain inalienable rights due to the "madness" of TWO mass shootings in 28 years.

My question is this - actually, it is two fold:  a) if New York State goes another 28 years with only two mass shootings will Dictator Cuomo claim it a success from his new gun laws?  and b) will the State of New York keep a tally of the dead in New York over the next 28 years who were killed due to only being able to use a 5 clip magazine to protect their family and property?



Anonymous said...

He's part of the Communist bunch eager to take power, with headquarters in the United nations, and be in charge of the New World Order they want to implement.

Henry Bowman said...


You can't use facts when dealing with prog pols. It just confuses them because they cannot process any truth.

As for me, I will NOT comply......


Anonymous said...

The 2nd Amendment was written at a time when state militias were larger then the standing federal army. The regulated Militia line is concerning National Guard. Founding fathers would not understand why we should have a larger offensive military (normal military) even when we are not at war then a defensive army. It wasn't until WW1 and the military build up of our offensive "Regular" military and forming the national guard under the leadership of "Regular" offensive Military that we started to see federal taxes rise. In the late 1700's, your state militia / National Guard unit was paid for and run by state officers. In order to be a member, you just had to attend training. A return to the 2nd Amendment would be reduction of federal military, reduction in federal taxes due to smaller maintenance only offensive army. Increase in state taxes to pay for a larger state militia. You would have to be a member of the state militia to own a gun. That gun can be fully automatic. Nowadays, a President can pretty much go to War without congress approval for several months simply because the Regular army is always built up ready for offensive operations. When the constitution was written, the president would have to have congress approval due to needing manpower from the state militia's / National Guard.