Sunday, January 6, 2013

An Open Question To House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi

Mrs. Pelosi,

This was reported today:

Pelosi suggests top earners pay even more in taxes

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi isn't ruling out pushing for upper-income earners to pay more even after the "fiscal cliff" deal that raised their taxes.

She tells CBS' "Face the Nation" that "I'm saying that's not off the table."


So here is your question, Mrs. Pelosi.

What is the tax rate you are going to demand for the upper-income earners?  What SPECIFICALLY is the rate?  It is now set at 39.6%.  Why don't you simply come out and tell us just what you are demanding that rate be?  Are you asking them to pay 49%?  59%?  89%?  99%?

Let's just cut to the chase and quit bringing up your "balanced" approach - tell us what you want the rich in this country to pay in taxes, we'll address that and then we'll tell you what you, yes YOU are going to see is cut out of Federal spending.



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