Monday, December 24, 2012

Afghan Policewoman Shoots American Contractor Dead In First Female "Green-on-Blue" Attack

 Afghan police stand guard outside the police compound where an Afghan policewoman shot dead a US military adviser

Just we have females in the Afghan security forces that are shooting at and killing Americans - I figure with the lifetime of abuse and torture these Afghan women have endured, they would be turning their guns on Afghan men, not U.S. advisers and troops.

The story comes from The Telegraph.

Afghan policewoman shoots dead American in Kabul

An Afghan policewoman shot dead an American contractor in Kabul's police headquarters in what appeared to be the first insider attack by a female member of the local security forces.

The officer killed the contractor with a single shot from her service pistol, Afghan officials said, and her motive was not immediately clear.

The killing means around 60 troops and civilian workers have been shot dead by their allies this year, accounting for around one-in-seven of all international deaths in the Afghan campaign in 2012.

The police woman was arrested after the killing and was on Monday being questioned.

Mohammad Daoud Amin, Kabul's deputy police chief, told the AP news agency she was called Nargas and was a mother of four.

She had worked for a human rights department of the police for two years and was licensed to carry a pistol. He did not know if the killer and victim had known each other.

A statement from the Nato-led coalition said: "A contracted civilian employee of the [coalition] died after being shot by a woman wearing an Afghan police uniform in Kabul, Afghanistan today. The incident is currently under investigation."

While the Taliban claim many of the killings have been carried out by their supporters or infiltrators, Western commanders believe most have arisen from grievances or misunderstandings escalating into violence.

Afghan forces have suffered similar levels of insider attacks.

Also on Monday, police said an officer at a checkpoint in northern Afghanistan shot dead five of his colleagues and then joined the insurgents.

The gunman and victims were part of the Afghan Local Police (ALP), a US-backed community defence militia raised to guard villages against Taliban attacks.

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