Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There Are No Words



Rose said...

We have witnessed the death of a nation tonight. And the media made it possible.

Tomorrow, the crisis is still there, the prices still going up, gas prices out of control, spending out of control, debt unimaginably high, unemployment rising - and Obama will go golfing.

They will tell us it is because of Rush, and that it is time for us to assimilate into the Borg.

But it's too late. Just hope Israel is able to save themselves before Obama allies with Iran.

Anonymous said...

Now all is not lost. We still have an opportunity to impeach that lying sack of shit we call a president. He has lied about Benghazi let that be a rallyiing call

Alceste said...

Today is the day we realize America can't be turned back. The positive is that this will only hasten America's slide into bondage, and it seems that only when the majority begins to suffer will they understand that. Let's hope the suffering comes quick enough so that the people can unite in the fight for freedom before it's too late.

Findalis said...

We were not killed by Obama but by ourselves. We allowed the Party machine to choose a man who would not be able to fight and fight dirty.

We choose Senate candidates that were idealogs and could not appeal to a wider group of voters.

Obama ran the dirtiest campaign in history. Aided by a media that was not the 4th Estate, but his Propaganda tool. And we lost.

Now we have to pick up the pieces, remove Boener from the leadership and find a person who can say NO to Obama and his spending spree.

@ Rose

Israel has survived without help from the US and with it. I understand that they are looking at the Russian MiGs and British aircrafts now.

Henry Bowman said...

My wife put up a sign in front of the house last night-

RIP America
Welcome to the New USSR.

I'm waiting for the phone calls to begin....

I wish the times were not interesting at all...

God Save US............

Holger Awakens said...

Great comments everyone. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on this dark, dark day.

Henry, your wife is a saint (but I know you figured that out long ago).

:Holger Danske