Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israel & Pillar of Defense Update

Unfortunately, there is no stop to the rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel.  See below the latest live blogging updates coming to us from The Muqata. (Remember, Israel is about 8 hours ahead of us in time).

5:00 PM Air raid siren in S'dot Negev.

4:56 PM 4 rockets land in Eshkol region, no reports of injuries.

4:46 PM Once more, Israeli press talking about representatives going to Cairo to discuss a cease fire. UPDATE: Both Defense Min Barak and Foreign Min Leiberman say there will be no talking while rockets falling.

4:44 PM Rockets fired at S'derot and Sha'ar HaNegev.

4:29 PM Preliminary reports: 4 wounded, one seriously, one moderately in the Ofakim region. UPDATE: 2 seriously wounded. Rocket hit next to car.
UPDATE: 5 wounded, 2 adults and 2 year old daughter were in a car and two passersby.

4:18 PM Sirens going off in S'dot Negev and Sha'ar HaNegev. 7 rockets fired. Most fall in open areas.

4:05 PM Channel 2 TV reports that a car near Ofakim was hit by a rocket, and there are 4 wounded; 2 moderately, 2 lightly.

4:04 PM US Ambassador to Israel, Dan Schapiro met with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and reviewed the new Iron Dome (5th installation) protecting Greater Tel-Aviv and promised another 300 Million Dollars -- for their to be a total of 13 Iron Dome installations. (source)

3:56 PM Reports of rocket strike in Negev area. MDA forces responding.

3:53 PM When Seconds Matter: As correctly noted by a commenter below, there is a minor delay (usually 5-10 seconds) between the real time radio broadcast of IDF radio, and the internet version of the radio broadcast (due to the streaming technology). Therefore, if you are in Southern Israel and relying on IDF Radio for warnings of rocket strikes, you gain an extra 5-10 seconds by listening to the radio via 91.8 FM instead of via the internet. --Jameel.

3:52 PM Ofakim area - Air Raid Sirens

3:48 PM Yichyeh Abiya, Gazan Islamic Jihad Commander...has left the planet. Another successful IDF surgical strike.

3:13 PM Air Raid sirens in Eshkol region

3:10 PM In a lightening fast operation, the IDF Homefront command fixed a number of sirens in Central Israel that were not working well over the past few days.

3:04 PM Air Raid Sirens in Eshkol region

And then there's this.  The IDF conducted a special naval operation with missiles to take out one of the most renowned terrorists in all of Gaza, on Ahmed Nahal today.

From the report at Israel National News (with video below).

A special IDF naval operation targeted global jihad terrorist Ahmed Nahel Sunday. The IDF released footage of what appears to be a strike by two missiles on a single target on the Gaza beachfront, while a drone hovered at some distance.


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