Monday, November 12, 2012

Conservatives and Patriots: Anger Is Your Friend

With the bloody aftermath of last Tuesday's election still evident in most of our lives, I have seen all of the articles, all of the speeches by the pundits, all of the videos of the politicians and all of the soothsaying of talk radio and it's been a myriad of reaction to the devastating news that Barack Hussein Obama will rule for four more years and that the Senate will once again be dominated by socialists.  Yep, I've heard all of the "takes" on what exactly happened - from widespread voter fraud, to Mitt Romney ran a horrible campaign, to the fact that conservatives can't win without the Hispanic vote.  But there's been more...there is talk about how we need to just suck it up and begin the work for 2014 and 2016, that we need to calm down and quit screaming that the sky is falling.

I'm hear to tell all of you conservatives, all of you patriots for America that you need to cling to one more thing besides your Bibles and your need to cling to the burning anger you feel right now.  Not only do you need to cling to it, you need to cultivate it and help it grow.

It's my view that the most dangerous thing for us right now is to lose our anger and begin the tedious process of trying to rebuild, trying to analyze, trying to make it right in our heads.  HELL NO!  This election was a travesty.  This election saw 62,156,980 Americans vote for the reelection of the worst President in American history.  Yes, over 62 million Americans reinstated a man who hates this country and all it stands for and I know damn well that pisses each and every one of you off.  So, go with your feelings.  This country will not survive unless the rage you feel lives on and it must spread.

I ask you, how many of your friends and relatives and coworkers have already put their heads down and accepted the will of the people last Tuesday and have decided to just muddle through it until our next chance?  I have plenty.  And I don't care if they point the finger at me and tell me that I have to let it go because I can't and won't...because the fire in my belly is all that is standing in the way of this whole thing being lost for good.

We are already seeing the caving in beginning like this from political analyst Bill Kristol.  We have heard Speaker Boehner opening the door to increasing revenue being in play to address the fiscal woes of this nation.  Believe me, this is just the beginning as many on the Right will finally give up - it's been a very long battle, many are weary of fighting the Marxists - we work 8 to 12 hours a day and try to put in a few hours a day to protect this land while they rape and kidnap our country 24/7 - we ARE tired but we are also royally pissed off.  And being "pissed off" will sustain us.  It must.  It's all we have left.

Barack Hussein Obama is sitting upon his throne in Washington, D.C. believing that his plan for "fundamentally transforming" this country is hitting on all cylinders.  He sees many who have turned to him as the solution and although he knows there are many who resist, he sees the fatigue, he sees the capitulation.

What America needs at this moment is a defiant "HELL NO!  WE AREN'T IN!" campaign.  We The People must show this President and his gang of revolutionaries that this election was NOT the will of this people.  We need a resurgence of The Tea Party.  We need to see our people come together...not to heal but to show the Marxists of this land that the anger is real, the defiance is definite and the resistance is underway.

I adhere to the axiom that if they are going to win, it will be over my dead body.  I also believe in the fact that the Marxists of America are no different than the jihadis that plague our land - the fact is that both camps respect only one thing and that is absolute in-their-face defiance.  We need to stop this train, people.  We need the strategy that instead of them moving forward with steps 30 thru 35 of the grand plan to transform America, they have to put those steps of the plan on hold while they fight off the growing rage and force of tens of millions of pissed off conservatives and patriots in this land.

You simply cannot hijack a moving freight train until you stop it.  Feed your anger from last Tuesday.  Look at the gloating from the Left.  Review the lies of Barack Hussein Obama.  Let the rage go from simmer to boiling over.  And when the anger has reached that point, that is when we come together and show them.

Yes, show them.  Show them that this victory of theirs last Tuesday will be a curse upon them and their movement.  Show them that we won't cower into the shadows but that we will assemble and we'll be so many that the media cannot ignore us.  Show them we are building a fortress of resistance.  Show them we will begin tearing down the changes they have made and we will undermine those yet to come.  Get angry and show them.


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