Sunday, March 13, 2011

Palestinians in Gaza Celebrate the Massacre of Israeli Family, Hand Out Candy In the Streets Over the Slitting of a 3 Month Old's Throat

Hey, let's celebrate our hero baby killer: Palestinian hands out sweets to Hamas policemen in Rafah

Pigs. That is the only word I can come up with at the moment to describe the people of Rafah, Gaza who have been celebrating the mission by Palestinian terrorists that killed the Fogel family in Israel on Friday night. Gaza residents of Rafah passed out candy and other sweets on the streets of the city this weekend in celebration over the throat slitting of the Fogel parents as well as their 11 and 4 year old sons and their 3 month old baby girl.

Let's restate that - Palestinians in Gaza whooped it up and passed out chocolates to honor and celebrate a 3 month old baby girls throat being slashed in her sleep.

Give them a state? Give them a seat in the U.N.? No. Give them hellfires and daisy cutters from dawn til dusk.

Let's not forget, the people of Rafah, Gaza are the same people that conducted this same type of celebration on their streets the day after 3,000 Americans perished in the attacks of 9/11.

So, the next time you see pro-Palestinian groups in your city marching through the streets holding signs about the "oppressed Palestinians" or pointing fingers at the "Israeli barbarians", remember this image of Rafah men standing in the streets savoring their candies, smiling and laughing and giving each other high fives over the murder of an entire family. But don't stop there. Grab a photograph of the 3 month old baby girl of the Fogel family with her throat slit and the blood stained baby clothes still on her and shove that photo into the face of one of those demonstrators and ask they why they celebrate this kind of barbarism.

The story is from Undhimmi.

Palestinians Hand Out Sweets in Celebration of Massacre of Jewish Family

Islamic depravity hits bottom. Keeps digging:

Rafah residents hand out candy following massacre of Jewish family, three children in West Bank settlement of Itamar.

Gaza residents from the southern city of Rafah hit the streets Saturday to celebrate the terror attack in the West Bank settlement of Itamar where five family members were murdered in their sleep, including three children.

Residents handed out candy and sweets, one resident saying the joy “is a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on the Palestinian residents in the West Bank.”

Meanwhile, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said he “clearly and firmly denounces the terror attack, just as I have denounced crimes against Palestinians.

“We are against all types of violence,” Fayyad said during a tour in Bethlehem. “Our position has not changed. As we have said many times before, we categorically oppose violence and terror, regardless of the identity of the victims or the perpetrators.”

IDF and security forces have been scouring the West Bank area since late Friday night, and have arrested 20 Palestinians from the villages of Awarta, Zababdeh, Sanur and Siliya. The IAF employed unmanned aerial vehicle in an effort to search for the suspects.

The Hamas movement accused the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatus of arresting three of its activists near Qalqilya and Jenin.

“The report of five murdered Israelis is not enough to punish someone,” said Hamas Spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri, adding, “However; we in Hamas completely support the resistance against settlers who murder and use crime and terror against the Palestinian people under the auspices of the Israeli occupation soldiers.”

A pamphlet distributed by the Islamic group said the PA also detained activists from Nablus, who were previously imprisoned and released.

According to an unverified report, Fatah’s military wing – the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades – claimed responsibility for the attack. A group spokesman told a Palestinian news agency that a terror cell infiltrated the settlement of Itamar and committed the attack.

The spokesperson stressed that the attack “came as a response to Israel’s continues hostile policy toward the Palestinian people.”

‘Give murderers death sentences’
Defense Minister Ehud Barak convened an evaluation session at the Defense Ministry offices in Tel Aviv following the attack. The meeting was attended by IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and other military and intelligence officials.

Barak called on the leaders of Jewish settlements in the West Bank to act responsibly and urged the Palestinian leadership to denounce the attack.

Ron Nachman, mayor of the city of Ariel, arrived in Itamar Saturday noon and expressed anger over the government and defense minister’s conduct.

“We need to find those behind the attack and give them the death penalty. I can’t recall such a horrific terror attack,” he said.

Nachman refused to comment on future “price tag” operations of radical rightist, saying: “I am not responsible for violent acts from either side.”

This degenerate, ghoulish behaviour, which almost defies belief is, in fact common practice by the Palestinians after murdering Israeli Jews.

The most well-known example was the Ramallah Lynching in 2000, where two IDF soldiers unfortunate to stray into the wrong area were killed and disembowelled in the streets by mobs of screaming Muslims.

To this day, the iconic image of the man holding up his blood-soaked hands to the crowd below him outside the police station where the slaughter took place, is still re-enacted by Palestinian children celebrating the event.

But we’re willing to bet that the average American, German, Scandnavian or Brit is completely unaware of this practice.

Because, in the biased, single-narrative world of the mainstream media, the grisly details of these stories are invariably censored – BBC coverage of this story from today being a prime example.

Stripped of context, it was dressed up as an ‘isolated incident’ – standard procedure in the pro-Muslim, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel British media. Had things been the other way around however, The BBC would have ensured that we never heard the end of it.

As usual though, they buried this story in the ME section of their website, whereas you can be take to the bank the fact that the slightest perceived transgression by Israel will always make the ‘top stories’ section on the front page.

The lauding of the killer on the al-Qassam webstes and elsewhere – and the street-party-like atmosphere candy distribution in the disputed territories will without doubt be buried in the West.

One of the only places you will be able to read the truth, without visiting Israeli or constitutionally-protected US websites is here on Un:dhimmi


in the vanguard said...

This family had been expelled from Gaza when it was a blooming, beautiful, bountiful and productive land incorporated into Israel. They belonged to the many families that were uprooted from their homes, after 3 generations, and forced to leave so this land could be handed over to the "Palestinians". This is the result of leftists administering and running the politics of the country. Only recently were the evicted families given some reprieve and given a place in Itamar to start their lives over. The government had promised them compenstaion and this was it - live in a new part of Israel that we haven't even annexed yet because it too is on the "negotiations" table to be discussed with their "peace partners".

in the vanguard said...

Way back, when you, Holger, hailed Netanyahu as a real "man", I commented that this bastard was a leftists masquerading as a rightist. Until today, this creep, riding on the coattails of his famous, valiant brother, who headed the Entebbe rescue many years back and was killed, is still today trying hard to kiss Hussein O's ass. Why? Who the hell knows. As long as Israel shows weakness, people the world over will only hate her more. Especially the likes of our liberal left and the jerk and his cronies - and his real leaders - in the white house. (Because H. Barrack O. is but a mere pawn in this high stakes game of fascism vs capitalism - he's really a nobody doing the dirty work of a few rich bastards bent on dstroying this nation - and HBO is only too glad to play his role, after all he gets to play a whole lot of golf in the process).

Holger Awakens said...

in the vanguard,

Since Netanyahu assumed power, I have seen him as a leader who responded quickly and swiftly to attacks on Israel with vengeance - each rocket attack from Gaza was met with an air response. And while some rocket attacks still continue, they are nowhere what they were under Olmert. I thoroughly expect vengeance for this family will come. Be patient.

As for Netanyahu cowing to Obama, we have to understand that the push for peace in Israel is very strong - the majority of Israelis want peace with their neighbors. Perhaps I don't agree with their perception of that reality but it is their country. It's my estimation that Netanyahu has sidestepped a potential nightmare of PR in the whole peace process - Netanyahu's masterful use of preemptive moves to push for peace have kept Obama and the PA on their heels.

Is Netanyahu as conservative and hawkish as I want? No. But have you thought for a moment what the situation would be right now if it weren't Netanyahu and Likud and instead was Livni and Kadima?

I have to say I am impressed with the Israeli positioning considering they are faced with a first - the first time in their history that they are seeing an American President who wishes their destruction.

:Holger Danske

in the vanguard said...

He's not better than Livni - because with Livni people would see clearly what a disaster she is and stop her in her tracks. Bibi is sly, doing things under cover, like, right now planning to give away major parts of the West Bank as well as a "safety corridor" 5 km wide, from Gaza to the West Bank, effectively splitting Israel into two, as well giving away a part of jerusalem. He's the first Israeli pres. who said he stands for a two-state solution. He's a bloody catastrophe.

As for those responses to Gaza rockets, you too have been taken. He only "flexes his muscles" by bombing parking lots. Have you heard of just one casualty in those bombings. You can bet that only a scratch on a "palestinian" kid would have roused the world to cry "foul" on Israel. An Israeli general too complained about the worthwhileness of those parking-lot bombings.

The very fat that this chap wants to cozy up to the likes of a lowlife like H.B.O. ought to tell you something.

Holger Awakens said...


You say that Livni would have been an obvious disaster and removed - let me ask you this...wasn't Olmert a bloody disaster and how long did he stay at the helm?

As for cozying up to Obama - there's no way Netanyahu has done that - he's played Obama like a fiddle i.e. the settlement freezes.

Listen, would i prefer a Lieberman running the show in Israel? Damn right. I wanted Operation Cast Lead to go on for three more months with Hamas wiped out and Gaza returned to the Israelis. I'm no soft fucker when it comes to Israel but at the same time, I realize that the Israelis need to try and operate in this world of diplomacy especially when confronted with their #1 supporter suddenly turning into an adversary.

I'm not gonna sit here and bitch too much about the Israelis' choice in leaders when I have to explain ours.

:Holger Danske

Anonymous said...

Slight correction:

"the first time in their history that they are seeing an American President who wishes their destruction."

Actually the second time -- Jimmy Carter. Luckily he was too inept to take direct action.

parking israel said...

As for Palestinians being happy for baby slaughtering - I feel lost in propaganda. Do you really believe that most people of Gaza cherish this act? Mothers and fathers to Palestinian children? It's easy to relate any behavior in complex states like that to mentality and say that's just how they are – they understand only force. When you have Hammas terrorists in your house, near your children, hiding in your basement – can you really have an opinion? Turning Gaza into a parking lot is the answer of people not grasping the complexity of the issue.

in the vanguard said...

parking israel
"Palestinians" voted them into office. They knew better than we the people they voted for. They know their people better than we. They knew who and what "Hamas" stands for. It's not all that "complex" when you realize they adore their suicide bombers, preach hate, teach children, with Disney figurines, to hate Jews and deem them vermin, accept and hand out candy when Jewish babies' throats are sliced.

If their educational infrastructure were different, and that's a big IF, then, and only then, might things become somewhat more "complex". Your liberal attitude has been at the forefront of Israeli administrative policy for many decades now, and continues to this day, and you have the same, continuous horrible situation that will not let up.

So spare me your bullshit "analysis".