Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Poll Says It All - Canadians ADORE Obama !

To my Canadian readers.....please, please say it isn't so.

From Breitbart:

The president (Favourable/unfavourable):

You can fool some of the people some of the time...

Poll results on Canadian attitudes toward Americans

TORONTO - A poll for the Historica-Dominion Institute taps current Canadian views on the American president and Americans compared with November 2005.

Some findings:

The president (Favourable/unfavourable):
Barack Obama: 86%/7%
George W. Bush: 21%/73%

Americans (Favourable/unfavourable):
In 2009: 71% favourable/18% unfavourable
In 2005: 68% favourable/21% unfavourable

Feel at home in the United States (Agree/disagree):
In 2009: 48%/40%
In 2005: 44%/44%

The United States a force for good in the world (Agree/Disagree):
In 2009: 44%/46%

(Source: Innovative Research/Historica-Dominion Institute)


Maggie M. Thornton said...

Sometimes it's best not to be popular???

The whole world loves smooth-talkin' teleprompters.

Viking said...

This I find strange, and I'll tell you why.
When I first visited Toronto in November 2004, the Canadians were dead set against John Kerry as US president - something to do with quotas on beef imports from Canada - and the Canadians were happier with a Republican in Washington. And this was at the end of Bush's first term.

I think Canadians might just like the IDEA of Obama...

Don Sharpe said...

Toronto is not Canada. Say it again. Then say it again.
Say it one more time. Hey, Toronto is not Canada!

I can't find any info on this poll on the Historica-Dominion website here:

These guys seem legit, I've sent an inquiry asking WTF is up with this poll.

Come on out and ask the same questions in Alberta, (look it up, it's above Montana) you won't get nearly the same stupid answers you would in Toronto.

Viking said...

Don, I will be asking this question here in British Columbia. Will let you know...

Don Sharpe said...


“What’s striking about these findings is how Canadians have detached their personal view of Barack Obama, whom they quite like and respect, from the United States, which they still view with skepticism, even distrust,” said Andrew Cohen, President of The Historica Dominion Institute.

“There really does appear to be a hardy strain of anti-Americanism in Canada,” said Cohen. “Almost half of us don’t feel at home there, which is surprising given all that we have in common as two peoples. Almost half of us don’t believe America is a force for good in the world, even with Obama as President.”

I say the USA is still the best friend Canada ever had, and part of the greatest force for good the world has ever seen. Don Sharpe