Friday, July 31, 2009

Video: WW2 Vets, People of New York State vs. Commie Democrat Congressman On Healthcare

It's a little long folks - I have both parts is WORTH EVERY MINUTE! I'm surprised this Congressman wasn't taken out on a stretcher for loss of blood. "SILENT NO MORE!"


sofa said...

Nice theater. His bullshit was detected and corrected. But he won't change. He is comfortable in his mis-Facts and with those fat kick-back checks. Dramatic theater Will not change a thing.

But it is the first step.

~Christie~ said...

GREAT video! We have to keep the faith that more & more speak out like this & rattle a few more cages...getting ACTIVE will make a difference. Like Holger states,

Kirly said...

What an arrogant POS! How DARE he attempt to explain what indivisible mean to those people?!!!!

And then, "Why would you waste your time listening to someone you think is bullshitting"?? As I saw it, they weren't listening to him! They were attempting to educate that little f*cker!

I don't care what party these statists belong to. They need to be removed from office!