Saturday, November 29, 2008

Germany's Dhimmified Parliament Strikes Down Terror Bill

The blood hasn't even dried on the streets of Mumbai, India and Germany is dealing with the fact that their parliament has decided to side with the islamic terrorists of the world and not grant a bill that would have greatly increased German security to monitor terrorist activity. This bill was similar to ones that President Bush hammered through here in America after the 9/11 attacks and is probably a key reason we haven't seen another attack in over 7 years.

German Chancellor Merkel is not happy about this bill's not passing. Here's the entire article from D-W World:

Merkel disappointed by blocking of anti-terrorism law

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has criticised the upper house of parliament's decision to block a controversial anti-terrorism bill. In an interview with a German newspaper, Merkel said it was irresponsible to task federal police with fighting terrorism without giving them the necessary tools. The bill would grant police sweeping powers to monitor terror suspects. Opponents object to proposals to allow federal police to conduct secret online searches of computers, tap telephones and bug the homes of suspects. The controversial legislation passed through the lower house, where Chancellor Merkel's grand coalition has a large majority. The government is now planning to push through the bill by referring the matter to an arbitration panel.

So, in six months, or one year, or whenever down the line...Germany suffers its first major islamic terror attack and loses a lot of civilian lives, will these German parliamentarians stand up one by one and accept responsibility? Yeah right.


~Christie~ said...

Let's all pray that they get their heads out of their assess and push the bill through, so we do not hear about more blood shed by yet more terrorist attacks. This is a no brainer guys...

Holger Awakens said...


It's pretty much a given that the Germans will fall in line with the submission of the French, British, Swedish and will buy into the multiculturalism ...making any bills like this dead ducks.

:Holger Danske

Anonymous said...

Emperor Frederick Barbarossa is turning in his grave.

Holger Awakens said...


Add him to this list of: Winston Churchill, The Vikings, The French Resistance, etc.

Europe is lost.

:Holger Danske

Hausser said...
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Hausser said...

By the way there are Patriots in Europe who understand the problem

Knud Erikson from Denmark
Horst Mahler Germany

to name a couple.

Holger Awakens said...


I'm removing your first comment here as I will not allow any comparison of the islamofascists to Jews. You will see at my blog that I am a staunch supporter of Israel and personally, I believe the Jews to be G_d's Chosen People (and you will note on the front page that I am a Christian).

I rarely remove comments here but this is something I will not allow. Now, if I misinterpreted your meaning of the "enemy within" in Germany in the 30's, feel free to explain where I read that wrong.

:Holger Danske