Wednesday, October 29, 2008

U.S. Embassy In Damascus May Close

While the U.S. embassy in Damascus, Syria has announced that it may close due to the after effects of the U.S. special forces raid in Syria a few days ago, it's not uncommon for the likes of a Syria to get all bent out of shape for a few days of protest and then it all calms down.

Here's the excerpted article of this announcement from YNET:

US embassy in Damascus may close, mission says

The US embassy in the Syrian capital may close following a raid on eastern Syria this week blamed by Damascus on Washington, an embassy statement said on Wednesday.

"The American community in Syria should be aware that unforeseen events or circumstances may occur that could cause the US Embassy in Damascus to close to the public for an unspecified period of time," the statement said.

You know, this uproar by Syria is pretty typical of any muslim/Arab country under these circumstances. The whole bloody world knows that the American strike force went in and struck an al Qaeda cell and were successful. But the Syrians have to go through this big hullabaloo and try and spin it that the U.S. military has nothing better to do than fly into Syria and kill a family of innocent people. This is the insanity of the muslims.

Now, I'm sure if the Syrians want to follow through on some of the veiled threats they have made since the operation, the U.S. could oblige with a sample of what a REAL attack on Syria would amount to.

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