Sunday, April 27, 2008

British Hostages Being Held In Iran, Not Iraq

Whoa! This story hasn't exactly been plastered across the New York Times and I didn't see Tim Russert talking about it this morning on Meet The Depressed but this could be absolutely huge. This may just be more than the smoking gun the U.S. and coalition forces have been looking for to officially nail Iran for its involvement in the Iraq War. From the TimesOnline account here:

Five British hostages who were kidnapped in Iraq almost a year ago are being held inside Iran by Revolutionary Guards, according to two separate sources in the Middle East and London.
The hostages were handed over to the Revolutionary Guards by their Iraqi kidnappers last November, the sources believe. One of the sources said they were being held in the western Iranian city of Hamadan.
If confirmed, the involvement of Revolutionary Guards would be seen as evidence that senior figures in the Iranian government had backed the decision to hold them in the country.

The U.S. has compiled quite a laundry list of proof that Iran has been directly involved in operations inside Iraq during the Iraq War - from Iranian-made weapons and IED's to Quds Forces personnel captured to Shia militia trained in Iran but the world has ignored this evidence because of course it is being presented by the U.S. But now, this will show how British citizens were kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents then handed over to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards inside Iran. The key words there are INSIDE IRAN.

Perhaps slowly but surely the world will begin to understand one thing. That Iranians lie. It's what they do. You and me , we breathe air to exist - Iranians lie to exist. Iran has lied about its involvement in the Iraq War. Iran has lied about its support of Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran has lied about not holding British kidnap victims. And Iran has lied about developing nuclear weapons.

Will the British grow a spine on this one? Will Prime Minister Brown get off his yellow belly ass and call for the release of these prisoners in 24 hours or British commandos will go in and get them? Don't hold your breath.

Britons kidnapped in Iraq are ‘held by Iran’

The hostages are said to be in good physical shape but spending much of their time in solitary confinement.
According to one of the sources, they are under the control of Mohammad Safaei, 41, a senior Revolutionary Guard colonel who was previously in charge of special operations in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.
The hostages were kidnapped in Baghdad last May in an attempt to force the Americans to release Qais al-Khazaali, an Iraqi militia leader said to be close to the Revolutionary Guards.
Khazaali was apparently being groomed by Iran to take control of a breakaway faction of the Mahdi Army, a Shi’ite militia, that would be compliant with Tehran. A former chief spokesman for the Mahdi Army, Khazaali was arrested by US troops after masterminding a raid inside a base in which five US soldiers were killed. The Americans have refused to release al-Khazaali in exchange for the British hostages.

One of the sources, who has close links to the Revolutionary Guard, said the captors were looking for a face-saving way of freeing them. They have suggested the hostages write to church leaders in the UK asking for assistance in gaining their release, the source said.
The five were abducted from the Iraqi finance ministry, where one of them, Peter Moore, a computer specialist, was teaching data-processing. The other four were his bodyguards.

The suggestion that the hostages are in Hamadan follows contradictory claims earlier this month that they were in Tehran. This is the first time it has been claimed they are in the hands of Revolutionary Guards. One of the sources has previously proved to be a reliable source of information about them.

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