Monday, March 31, 2008

Turkey's Ruling Party Faces Banning Over Passing Headscarf Amendment

Hahaha! I absolutely LOVE this! Turkey's constitutional court basically has told the ruling governmental party of Turkey (the AKP) as well as Prime Minister Tayyep Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul that they will all be BANNED from Turkish politics if they don't make a case of defense in the next 3o days for enacting a lifting of a ban on headscarves (hijabs) for girls attending universities. Remember, this was the decision that caused huge protests in Turkey when the government finally decided to lift the ban on headscarves in a public institution.

Now, there isn't a link available to this story only but you can find it at the main page here at DEBKA. For your convenience, I've excerpted the total article below.

This is, quite frankly, HUGE news in the world of momentum that the islamists have found in recent years. Let me be crystal clear on this by excerpting here part of the article - read these words carefully:

part of a 162-page case which accuses the government of an “Islamic agenda.”

Isn't that beautiful? The Prime Minister and President may just be thrown out of Turkish office because they are pushing an islamic agenda and not holding to Turkey vow to uphold a secular government. Simply Awesome!

Turkish ruling party faces ban over Islamic headscarf ruling

A unanimous decision was taken Monday, March 31, by Turkey’s constitutional court to hear a case for closing down the governing AKP party for actions to weaken the country’s secular system. The chief prosecutor moved for prime minister Tayyep Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul to be banned from politics. They and 69 party officials have a month to prepare their defense in a case which bringsTurkey’s secularist establishment and the ruling Muslim-rooted party to the point of showdown.
Their amendment of the constitution to permit girls at universities to wear headscarves is part of a 162-page case which accuses the government of an “Islamic agenda.”

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