Thursday, February 28, 2008

Norway and Sweden Arrest A Total of 6 In Terror Plot/Financing

Norway and Sweden each detained three people linked to financing terror abroad and plotting terror attacks. The arrests in Norway were for people suspected of financing terror overseas - the three arrested in Sweden were actually plotting a terror act.
The details are sketchy at this point but it's good to see the Scandinavians not messing around.
I guess I don't have to mention that the Norway financing was going to islamist extremists abroad, do I?

Here's the full story from Breitbart.

Norway arrests 3 suspected of financing terrorism

OSLO (Reuters) - Norway's state security police detained three people on Thursday suspected of financing terrorist activities abroad, the police said.
The three were arrested at various addresses in Oslo with the support of Norway's economic crime unit and Oslo's district police, the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) said in a statement.
The PST, which is responsible for national security, did not identify the suspects or the terrorist activity it believes they have supported.
It said in the statement that it would not comment further before it asked an Oslo court to let it hold one or more of the suspects in custody pending further investigation.
In Sweden, security services said they had taken three Swedish citizens into custody on suspicion of planning acts of terror and of financing terrorism. It was not clear whether the cases were connected.
Norway's PST said in its threat assessment for 2008 earlier this month that the threat of terrorism in Norway was low, but that it had indications some people were providing support to extremist Islamic organizations abroad.
(Reporting by John Acher; Editing by Elizabeth Piper)

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Aren't we getting close to a time when we need to see a two state solution in Sweden ?