Monday, January 14, 2008

Islamic Jihadists in Algeria: Kill Three Children Out Gathering Chestnuts

Boy, this took a lot of balls, huh? Those al Qaeda linked muslim jihadists in Algeria are really the tough guys aren't they? Children working their way through a forest, gathering chestnuts, get pounded by jihadist rifle fire and three are killed while a couple escape. Wow, what a macho attack by al Qaeda! What he-men they are! :Spit:
The Algerians called in troops to find the jihadists which I'm sure will yield nothing but if they ever DO find these pieces of human excrement, they need to make a huge example of them.
The Algerian version of al Qaeda has been on a campaign of shock and awe for months now and the Algerians best start the process of gutting them out and fast.

Full story here.

Islamists in Algeria kill three youths gathering chestnuts

Islamic insurgents killed three youths gathering chestnuts in a forest south of Algiers, triggering a search by soldiers for the culprits, the Interior Ministry said Sunday.
The killings outside Medea — a haunt for insurgents in the 1990s but now generally calm — raises concern that the violence that once plagued the region could be on the return.
Five youths gathering chestnuts Friday in the Layoune forest, 10 kilometers (six miles) south of Medea, were attacked Kalashnikov rifle fire, the ministry said. Two were killed on the spot and a third body was found Saturday, the statement said. Two other youths escaped.
The ages of the victims were not made available, nor was it known if they were boys or girls.
Soldiers backed by local communal guards, who are citizens armed by authorities, were searching the area for the attackers, the statement said.

In the 1990s. the Medea region was under the control of the Armed Islamic Group, which claimed responsibility for numerous village massacres and other brutality at the height of the insurgency. The area has been largely calm in recent years.
Sweeps by security forces and infighting within the Armed Islamic Group, or GIA, annihilated the movement. The Salafist Group for Call and Combat, a dissident group opposed to the GIA's extreme methods, emerged. However, it formally affiliated itself with the al-Qaida terror network over the past year, changing its name to al-Qaida in Islamic North Africa and using tactics like suicide bombings linked to the global terror network.

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