Monday, January 28, 2008

Egypt, Hamas Work To Reclose Gaza Border

Talk about Larry, Curly and Moe. Now Hamas is working side by side with Egypt to string barbed wire back up where three days ago they were tearing it down with bombs and bulldozers. It appears that Egypt's had enough of it and Hamas is trying to get some leverage out of the whole situation but at least in some of the checkpoint areas, Gazans are being turned back. I have said many time here at Holger Awakens, that there is a reason why the Palestinian cause for a separate state has always been so admanantly supported by Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon and that is because none of those countries EVER want to see these slugs in THEIR countries. The palis are misfits, a blight. Everything they touch, sours and rots. So it is Egypt's turn to have to meet with the slime and work fast to get em put back into their box. Good luck, Egypt. You should have mowed em down on Day One.

Here's the full story.

Hamas, Egypt Work to Reclose Border
Jan 28 06:35 AM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

RAFAH, Egypt (AP) - Egyptian security forces and Hamas militants strung barbed wire across one of the openings in the Egypt-Gaza border Monday—a sign that a days-long breaching of the frontier may be nearing an end.
Three trucks of Egyptian security forces pulled up to the "Brazil" gate and strung wire across the entry point into Egypt. They were aided by half a dozen bearded and uniformed militants of Hamas, the group that controls the Gaza Strip.
At the main Salah Eddin gate, meanwhile, Palestinian and Egyptian security forces manned the crossing points, stopping civilian cars and letting trucks through, while pedestrians scoured the nearly empty stores for food and consumer products to take back to the Gaza Strip with them in fear of an imminent border reclosing.
"I said no Gazan cars with civilian plates can go through, only cars with truck plates are allowed. Do not argue with me. The orders have changed from above," one security guard told a man trying to ferry his Egyptian mother back across the border.
Six days after Hamas blew holes in the border wall with Egypt to end a two year blockade and sent hundreds of thousands of Palestinians across the border in a shopping frenzy, authorities in the region are still struggling to come up with a new system to administer the border.
Egypt wants to restore shared control of the border among the Palestinian Authority, Israel, and European Union monitors, while Hamas rejects the old system and is pushing for a new one—presumably with more control in the hands of the militant group.

"Since I opened this shop more than 20 years ago, I haven't seen such a chaotic situation, if this keeps up, the Egyptians in Rafah will be starving to death," said Mohammed Barahmah, 60, who owns one of the biggest grocery shops in downtown Rafah. "This is terrible, (Egyptian) Rafah will turn into Gaza, there will be nothing to buy and if there was it would be ten times the price."

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Anonymous said...

What do you think of this ? Shoher is arguably the most right Israeli today, but he argues Israel should talk to Hamas as Egypt will not maintain the blockade of Gaza.