Saturday, November 7, 2020

House of Cards


Has anyone thought about what a House of Cards the Left in this country has constructed with this Election Fraud Scheme?  

Seriously, think about it.  This isn't like a Hillary Clinton email scheme that she and four aides know about and keep things under wraps.  This was an election fraud scheme that included (at least) Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  

Imagine for a moment the sheer number of people that needed to be involved in this - from those harvesting ballots, to those forging ballots, to those transporting and delivering ballots at the wee hours of the night and morning, to those making phone calls to coordinate, to those greasing palms..and so on and so on.  

You KNOW some of the people in that pipeline of deceit and deception were paid $100 to do some task.  Just how many of those $100 bag men are going to keep their mouths shut?  Just how many of those "in the loop" will resist temptation to sell the email thread showing the commands?  Just how many of those delivering boxes and boxes of ballots aren't junkies who will sell their story for a fix?

I'm not even talking about the canaries who will sing when arrested or brought in as a "person of interest."

This is a House of Cards.  It's going to be fun to watch it implode but at the same time, it will spark a point of no return for this country.


Murphy(AZ) said...

Great point, except who is going to get the ball rolling? The Feds? The same Feds who for years tried to sink President Trump? The GOP? Half of them never wanted DJT as president and probably have a hand in this, and almost all of them are looking at the graffiti on the wall and wondering how they can get onto the gravy train, leaving a slimy trail behind them.

For four years we've stood with President Trump as he became the first President in a long time to actually stand for America. We've watched him accomplish things other politicians never tried, we've watched him undo the crap these other politicians have done, but most important, we 've watched him give "just plain folk" a reason to believe in America again.

Now we may get to watch those sunzabitches ruin all his hard work.

Holger Awakens said...


Great points and you are right - there is no reason anyone in DC would act on substantiated witnesses and proof of the scheme - just like there's no Durham report, no Barr indictments ....The Government Party rules The People like King George.

However, when the House of Cards does crumble, I believe there is enough citizen reporting out there as well as the OANN's of the country that will get the facts out to more than just the immediate cluster of Patriots.

I put up a post here weeks ago saying that I WANTED this election to go to Biden. That it was time this country experienced the forest fire it needs in order to survive and I stand by that. I'm old, i'm covered with life's necessities. I can last 10 times longer than these tight pant pussies and their manly women. You know and I know they will fuck it up in a heartbeat - the only thing in question is whether there will be enough of us left to actually want to rebuild the wasteland. At the same time, being old and not having a lot of stuff on my plate, it lends itself to some new hobbies of mine that i might find rather rewarding. Mwahahaha.