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The Challenge of Today's America. Living With These People.

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The Tweet of 2019 (so far)

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Pitchforks, Torches, and More. Much, much more.

The American people want a wall on our southern border.  We voted a President in to do that.  The national politicians refuse to obey the people.

The British people want to leave the EU via Brexit.  They voted on it and it passed.  The national politicians refuse to obey the people.

Okay "people" - you know what to do next.


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A Claim To Fame or.....

LOS ANGELES – Barack Obama hasn't been the president for nearly two years, but his fame is still spreading – at least when it comes to naming things after him.

The nation's first African-American president need not go far around the country these days to find something that carries his name. There's Barack Obama Way in New Albany Township, Indiana, and Barack Obama Boulevard in Pahokee, Florida. There's a long list of schools now named for him, like Barack Obama Academy for Academic & Civic Development in Plainfield, New Jersey, and Barack Obama Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia.

Obama even has animal species named after him, like placida barackobamai, a sea slug.

We're probably seeing the "opening salvos" in the Obama naming marathon, said presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, who expects the former president's name to start showing up in heavily Democratic or predominately African-American communities.

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Customer Service

Dear Senator Schumer,

We have had some significant order spikes on Trump's Butthurt Butter recently but I'm pleased to inform you that your order will now ship complete on Friday, January 18th.  If you anticipate ordering 3 cases like this on a regular basis, we do offer automatic renewed ordering so you never take a chance of running out - if you are interested in that please reach out to us here!

Your business is truly appreciated!

The Butthurt Customer Service Team

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This Ain't Your Grandfather's America

Bryan Woodington, 33, and husband Kenneth, 30, recreated the iconic WWII kiss


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When English Is Your Second Language

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