Thursday, January 21, 2021

Holger Sails Off Into the Fjords of No Return


And so, with this being the first day of the official reign of tyranny in America, with this being the first day where the USA officially joins the legions of the global cabal, Holger Awakens is setting sail into the most isolated of fjords.  He is well prepared.  He has what he needs to survive.  He will not engage with the overlords of tyranny.  He will not argue with those who gave up their freedoms and liberties.  He will not exercise his citizenship.  He will adhere to his sovereignty and that alone will be his care.  When the day of reckoning finally comes, he will defend his plot of land but no more.

For those faithful to this blog over the years, I thank you for that support and for your patriotism.  I wish you well. 

                                                             - Holger Awakens, 1/21/21 




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Tweet of the Century!

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Friday, January 15, 2021

To Joe Biden - Put Our Money Where Your Mouth Is


Over the campaign, you made many promises to the American people and now that you will be taking office next week, it's time to permanently make your list of things to do.  We will ensure that you keep every one of these promises.  You have a Democrat House, you have a Democrat controlled Senate and you will be adding 24 Supreme Court justices to make the court count 33, so there is NO EXCUSE for not getting ALL of the below done and done quickly.

Let's begin, shall we?

  • Medicare for all (perhaps you'd like to include Medicare for all of Mexico as well - more is better, right?)
  • The Green New Deal 
  • An End to Fracking
  • $15 national Minimum Wage (why not make it $55 per hour Joe?  Think big for the first time in your life.  More is better, right?)
  • $2000 COVID payments to Americans (why not make that a MONTHLY payment instead of a one time?  More is better, right?)
  • The abolition of ICE - completely Open Borders to America
  • An additional 35 million immigrants to America
  • An end of all tariffs with China
  • Restoration of all foreign aid
  • Restoration of American participation in and funding of WHO, Paris Accords and NATO
  • Increase the Corporate Tax Rate in America from 23% back up to 38%
  • Increase individual Federal Taxes back to 2012 levels
  • Subsidize medical procedures for transgenders
  • Reset automobile standards federally so 50% of all autos must be electric by 2024
  • Completely free college education for all Americans
  • Rent assistance for all Americans
  • 15% increase in food stamp payments
  • Doubling of unemployment compensation payments
  • Restoration of Paid Leave programs
  • Economic aid to all small businesses unless they are white and/or Christian and/or straight
  • $350 billion in aid to states that need to balance their budgets
  • Cure COVID-19
  • End the NRA in America and enact gun legislation that repeals the 2nd Amendment
  • Create the Public Health Jobs Corps
  • Imprison Corporate Executives and business owners for labor law infractions
  • Pay Increases for all public school teachers
  • Restore all Tribal Lands in America back to Native Americans
  • Reinstate the Nuclear Treaty with Iran
  • Ban deportation of illegal invaders to America
  • Forcing American private sectors to offer their technology to all foreign governments
  • Create 10 million American jobs by eliminating the oil industry and building solar and wind energy
  • Reinstate full economic aid to Communist countries in Central America

The Fascists You Elected America

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Blog comment of the New Year. Make sure you are visiting Sondra, Doug and Claire over at Sondrakistan.

Well, so much for the Father of your Country…

(BTW, at the risk of being banned, I came across this little gem recently:

At one time, we had Empires ruled by Emperors. And we had Kingdoms ruled by Kings.

Today, we have countries …)

Comment by Lord of the Fleas — January 2, 2021 @ 6:55 pm