Friday, February 29, 2008

Shocker! C.A.I.R. Stands Up For Jewish High School Basketball Team - (Yeah Right And I Have Land In Florida For Sale)

I don't know what I'll see next...perhaps pigs flying by my window? The jihadist backed group, CAIR, has come out in support for a Jewish high school basketball team - the matter is concerning a tournament where the Jewish high school's team would be scheduled to play on a Saturday which would conflict with the players' observance of the Sabbath. So here comes Mighty Mouse, CAIR, to save the day! CAIR is saying that there shoudl be an exception made for the team to play on a different day and remain in the competition. For those of you new to Holger Awakens, I spotlight CAIR a lot here but refuse to link to their website - feel free to go there on your own, but for your convenience, I have excerpted the entire article at the end of this post. Here is what they said:

“In a nation as religiously diverse as America, it is important that we all make the extra effort to accommodate the beliefs and practices of others,” said CAIR Communications Coordinator Amina Rubin. “Student athletes should not be forced to choose between their faith and participation in sports.”

Okay, so now let's cut through the bull shit. Anyone that knows CAIR, knows they could care less about this Jewish high school team and in fact, CAIR is probably the most anti-semitic organization alive in the U.S. that holds their kind of public status. This isn't about CAIR reaching out. This is all about a set up. CAIR is setting up our country for the future for when nearly EVERY thing about American society and law will be an infringement on the rights and practices of a muslim. This is so transparent, a golden retriever could see it.

No, CAIR doesn't "care" about basketball on the Sabbath. What CAIR is concerned about is that America becomes conditioned to allowing foot baths in every public building in the country. And let's list a few more demands that CAIR will issue in the near future:

  1. Banning of pork food products at any public building in America

  2. A censor of any identified "islamaphobe" from a government position

  3. Public calls to prayer must be made available where muslims work or reside

  4. A ban on "islamaphobic" hate speech on every blog in the country

And that is just the beginning. The end result is sharia law. And when that happens, there won't be a whole lot of basketball being played at all. In fact, there won't be a whole lot of anything going on except submitting to allah, paying the taxes and watching your back.

Get lost CAIR. Find another group of chumps to try and fool, you asshat minnions


CAIR: Muslims Urge Accommodation for Jewish B-Ball Team

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 2/28/08) - A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today called on the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) to accommodate Jewish basketball players whose faith prohibits playing games on their Sabbath, which is observed on Saturdays.
The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says players from the Herzl/Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy will be forced to withdraw from a regional championship on Saturday, March 8, unless the schedule is changed. CHSAA officials have so far refused to make that change.
SEE: Jewish Athletes Lose Off Court (Denver Post)
“In a nation as religiously diverse as America, it is important that we all make the extra effort to accommodate the beliefs and practices of others,” said CAIR Communications Coordinator Amina Rubin. “Student athletes should not be forced to choose between their faith and participation in sports.”
Rubin suggested that any playoff games that include the Hebrew Academy’s teams be scheduled after sundown on Saturday to accommodate the Jewish athletes.
CAIR, America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 35 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

Ahmadinejad Calls Iran's Revolution " A Leap Towards Perfection For Mankind "

I swear that Ahmadinejad could be a stand up comedian. Whoever writes this guy's speech material would fit in perfectly at SNL, Mad TV or Conan O'Brien's show.
Here's that Ahmadinejad said about Iran in a speech that is here at MEMRI:

"The Islamic Revolution… Was a Long Leap towards Mankind's Reaching the Peak of Perfection""Like those great events, the Islamic Revolution, too, was a long leap towards mankind's reaching the peak of perfection… The Iranian nation, the practicing Ulema, and the followers of the idea of leadership of the blessed (Wilayah) are shouldering the responsibility of keeping on hoisting the flag of a movement whose nature is the same as the revolutions of divine Prophets.

Did you get that? All we have to do is look at Iran and we will see the perfection of mankind. When you see the homosexuals and the flirters hanging by their necks dead from cranes in the central square of Tehran...just remember, perfection.

Here's more:

"Our nation's second important mission is introducing the Islamic Revolution to the entire mankind. Today, the mankind has reached a point of dissatisfaction with the status quo of the social life and is so desperately in pursuit of better lives that the nations' minds are quite ripe for grasping such truths.
"Based on such presuppositions, the only perfect school of thought that can lead the human society towards blessed life in this world and salvation in the other world is Mohamedan Islam.

So there you have it. Ahmadinejad is demanding worldwide "introducing" of the islamic revolution - now, I'd don't know about you, but I'm a little leary of this nuclear happy midget using the word "introducing." And to think that Islam will lead us all to blessed life and salvation. Man, it gives you goose bumps doesn't it?

I wonder, this blessed life that Ahmadinejad paints that the kind of glorious life that islam has presented to:

  • The innocent women and children in the pet market square in Iraq who were blown into chunks by a Mohammedan suicide bomber?

  • The Buddhist monks in Thailand that were beheaded?

  • The woman raped in Saudi Arabia who was convicted of wanting it and deserving it?

  • The innocent children who are placed in front of Taliban huts to bear the brunt of 30 mm shellings?

You know, years ago I was doing a bit of homework on Hitler and the Nazis and I asked myself how in the world the people of Europe and America could have possibly allowed Hitler to get as far as he did before they reacted and fought back. It baffled me. Now I understand. I am no longer baffled.

Western Aid Groups Pull Out Of Pakistan After Executions

After the execution style killings of four British aid workers in NW Pakistan, most Western aid groups are simply packing up and heading home.
Here's what happened in the attack:

A dozen attackers wearing fatigues and carrying automatic rifles stormed the offices of Plan International and opened fire on its employees. Then they tossed a bomb into the compound and set the place ablaze. Survivors of the attack said two of the assailants appeared to be older and to be commanding the operation.

These are aid workers, folks. They go into villages and help with medical aid, food, education and nutrition issues, and water supply. And they get slaughtered by members of the Religion of Peace. Islam, the so-called "religion" of half of this world, has evolved into a force of evil and terror. Bombing women and children, executing aid workers and honor killing of women and children is the face of Islam. If you produced a horror movie in Hollywood that depicted the evils and violence put forth by islam each and every day, that movie would either be rated "X" or would be withheld from public viewing.
And as for the people of Pakistan who no longer have the compassion and resources of these aid workers? Well, I'm sure they can reach out to the Taliban to replace those aid resources but I'm sure the response will either be a burning of their village or a public flogging or worse.

Here's the full story from The Blotter.

Aid Groups in Pakistan Pack Up After Execution-Style Attack

About half of the aid groups operating in Mansehra district of northwest Pakistan have pulled out or shut down after gunmen staged a brazen and highly sophisticated attack that killed four local employees of a British aid group, according to aid workers and Pakistani officials.
No one has claimed responsibility for Monday's incident, said Mazhar Ul Haq Kakakhel, the police chief for Mansehra district. Pro-Taliban militants have been increasingly active in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province where the execution-style killings took place.

Violent attacks on aid groups are common in Afghanistan's troubled provinces. This was the first of its kind in Pakistan.
"The general feeling in the aid community is that this wasn't an isolated event," said Graham Strong, who chairs the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum. "We are worried there will be more."
The 21-group forum said the "outrageous" attack disrupted relief work aimed at helping "vulnerable Pakistani children and their families." Dozens of aid groups moved into Mansehra following the 2005 earthquake that killed more than 73,000 people in the Northwest Frontier Province and in Pakistani-held Kashmir.
Plan International, which has operated in the area for 12 years, provides education assistance, the group said in a statement. The group is still considering whether to continue work there.
Amid rising Taliban violence in the frontier, Western aid groups in Mansehra have been told previously to remove female staff, and co-ed schools have received anonymous threat letters, saying girls must wear burqas to school or face "serious consequences."

Turkey Withdraws Troops From Iraq

Well, this is terrific news. Turkey has withdrawn its troops from northern Iraq - they've been there hunting down and killing Kurdish rebels from the PKK and while Turkey says that opinions and pressure from other countries did not influence their decision, that is bull shit. But either way, it is great that nothing "happened" during this offensive. I think the Iraqis showed great restraint, quite frankly.
But the bottom line is that there HAD to have been influence that came down on Turkey to pull out - Turkey has been drooling over this kind of offensive for years and years and if no pressure had come down on them, they would have stayed in Iraq for 10 years.
Turkey is claiming they killed 240 PKK rebels in the operation although Turkey isn't saying anything about the dozens of their troops that I suspect they lost.

Here's the full story.

Turkish Troops Pull Out of Iraq

CUKURCA, Turkey (AP) - Turkey's military said Friday it has ended a ground offensive against Kurdish rebels in Iraq, but said that foreign influence didn't play a role in its decision.
The move came a day after Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Turkish leaders during a visit in Ankara that they should end the offensive as soon as possible. In Washington, President Bush made a similar point Thursday, saying Turkey needed to move quickly and get out.
Turkey launched the incursion into northern Iraq more than a week ago against the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, a group fighting for the autonomy of predominantly Kurdish southeastern Turkey. The rebels have carried out attacks in Turkey from bases in Kurdish Iraq.
"Without a doubt, it is impossible to render the entire terrorist organization ineffective with an operation in only one region. However, it is shown to the group that Iraq's north is not a safe area for terrorists," the military said.
The Turkish military said that 300 rebels were detected in Iraq's Zap region, and 240 of them were killed in the operation.
Iraqi authorities have said they do not support the PKK but objected to Turkey's military action.
The PKK took up arms against Turkey in 1984. The fighting has killed up to 40,000 people.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Terrorist Training Camps in Rural England

Oh boy. First the British gave in and bent over for the islamists, then they bore the brunt of their own terrorist attacks and now, NOW the Brits find out that terrorists and gang members arrested were actually trained at terrorist, not in Pakistan, not in Afghanistan, but out in the hinterlands of rural ENGLAND!
Here's a bit from the MSNBC story:

Security officials believe hundreds of men — including a gang that made a failed attempt to bomb London's transit network — passed through camps set up across the English countryside.

British intelligence and police actually infiltrated the camps with moles and even shot video of the training camp's another excerpt:

Video secretly made at the camps showed recruits marching with backpacks — like those used by London's transit network attackers to carry their deadly suicide bombs in 2005 — and conducting weapons drills used by insurgents in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
An undercover police officer, code-named "Dawood," infiltrated one group and captured cell phone video of the training. One clip showed trainees rehearsing a beheading with a watermelon

So the question for Americans is this: Do we poke fun at the dhimmi Brits or do we look at ourselves and say, "Is this going on in America?" I'd say chances are very good we have camps right here on U.S. soil and if you don't believe me, well...don't say I didn't tell you so.

Network of terrorist camps in rural England

LONDON - Clad in mud-smeared combat fatigues, the young Muslims trained on picturesque British farmland, hurling imaginary grenades, wielding sticks as mock rifles and chopping watermelons in simulated beheadings.
A four-year inquiry, which came to a close Tuesday with guilty pleas from the last two of seven gang members, has exposed a network of alleged British terrorism training camps meant to prepare recruits for mass murder.
Security officials believe hundreds of men — including a gang that made a failed attempt to bomb London's transit network — passed through camps set up across the English countryside.

Investigators say it was a worrying discovery at the heart of Britain's homegrown terrorism: training camps once thought to be exclusive to northern Pakistan or Afghanistan are being held in sleepy rural England.
"The exposure to that ideology — that radicalism, that extremism, that 'them-and-us' mind set — starts here on our streets in Britain," a former extremist, Ed Husain, told Britain's first police counterterrorism conference in Brighton.
Husain said British officials had been too tolerant of Islamic radicalism taught in universities and mosques during the 1980s and '90s.
The two training camp ringleaders — one who claimed to be the "No. 1 al-Qaida in Europe" and the other who nicknamed himself "Osama bin London — will be sentenced next month on charges of running the camps and inciting participants to murder. Five others were each sentenced Tuesday to at least 3 1/2 years in prison on charges of attending terrorism training.

Britain's Prince Harry Is On Front Lines In Helmand Province, Afghanistan

This news leaked yesterday so the Brits decided to go ahead and admit it and put out some video of Prince Harry in Afghanistan.
What's incredible is how in the sam hell this was kept secret as long as it has!! I mean, aren't there paparazzi that follow this young man around 24/7???
Anyway, I'll let you read the full story from Breitbart here, but I do want to say that I've been impressed with the young Prince. All along he has been in the military to fight - he hasn't asked for special privileges and has always wanted to put his training to use. I don't see this as a publicity stunt but that of a young man who bonded with his fellow troops and was sick about not being able to go with them into battle.
You can say all you want about the British Royal Family, but this is one son who turned out well and the world should be proud of his valor.

Britain's Prince Harry in Afghanistan

LONDON (AP) - The secret is out: Prince Harry has been serving on the front line with his British army unit in one of Afghanistan's most lawless and barren provinces.
Harry is the first royal to serve in a combat zone since his uncle Prince Andrew flew helicopters during Britain's war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands in 1982.
British officials had hoped to keep the 23-year-old's deployment secret until he had safely returned, but they released video of Harry serving in Helmand Province after a leak appeared on the U.S. Web site the Drudge Report.
The planned deployment had been disclosed to reporters, with no specific date, but was not reported previously under a pool agreement between the Ministry of Defense and all major news organizations operating in Britain, including The Associated Press. The news blackout was intended to reduce the risk to the prince and his regiment.
"I got here on Christmas Eve. And going from bullet magnet to anti- bullet magnet, most of the guys were pretty bummed that I was here because nothing was happening for the first few days that I was here. But things are picking up again now because it's obviously quite boring when nothing is happening," Harry said in one video.
Although he is still in Afghanistan, military chiefs are angry over the leak and are considering if he should be moved. Tours to Afghanistan usually last six months, but Harry has served just 10 weeks.
"I will take advice from the operational commanders about whether his deployment can continue," said the army's commander, Gen. Richard Dannatt.
Harry, the third in line to the British throne, was supposed to go to Iraq with the Blues and Royals regiment last May but the assignment was scrapped at the last minute because of security fears. Iraqi insurgents made threats on Internet chat rooms, saying he would not make it home alive.

Iraqi Intelligence Chief: ' Iran Is Undermining Awakening Movements '

The head of Iraqi Intelligence, Mohammed Abdullah Shahwani, has come out and flat accused Iran of undermining the Awakening movements across Iraq. Now, this isn't a huge surprise in that we have had plenty of evidence of Iranian meddling in Iraq during the war but this shows specific targeting of the Awakening efforts.
Here is what Shahwani said:

"We have information confirming that Iranian secret services have sent agents to sabotage the Sahwa experience in Iraq,"

Now, what isn't said here is the exact details of what these Iranian "agents" have been doing - whether they have infiltrated to spy on the movements or if they have actually been involved in attacks or if they simply have assisted in training the Awakening attackers. What is a bit odd about this is that the vast majority of attacks on Awakening movements have been done by al Qaeda in Iraq. It would be a bit unusual to see al Qaeda and the Qods forces working together.
At the same time, the intelligence chief may be referring more to meddling in the recent Awakenings further south in Iraq - the ones that are in the vicinity of Sadr's Mahdi militia. The links of Iranian Qods forces and the Iraqi Mahdi militias is well documented and in fact, it has been brought out this week that Hezbollah (the Iranian backed terrorist group) was instrumental in the original formation of the Mahdi militias.

Here's the full story from Bill Roggio's The Long War Journal.

Iran undermines Iraq's Awakening movement
By Bill Roggio
February 27, 2008 4:15 PM

US and Iraqi security forces continue to pressure the Iranian-backed Shia terror cells even after Muqtada al Sadr's extension of the Mahdi Army's unilateral cease-fire. Today, Baghdad's chief intelligence officer said Iran is working to destroy the Awakening movements, while raids against the Special Groups terror cells have not abated.
The latest charge leveled against Iran is that Qods Force, the special operations branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, is working to destroy the Awakening movements that oppose al Qaeda and Shia terrorist groups. Mohammed Abdullah Shahwani, the director of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, accused Iran of sabotaging the Awakening, or Sahwa, movements. The Awakening movement and associated Sons of Iraq (formerly the Concerned Local Citizens) movements have been instrumental in securing vast regions of Iraq during the past year.
"We have information confirming that Iranian secret services have sent agents to sabotage the Sahwa experience in Iraq," Shahwani said in a press release issued today. Shahwani is a Kurd who served as a brigadier general in a Republican Guard unit under the regime of Saddam Hussein. Shahwani later organized efforts to overthrow Saddam Hussein.
Several days ago, an unnamed senior Iraqi intelligence officer told Al Hayat that Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed terror group, was behind the initial formation of the Mahdi Army. Imad Mugniyah, who was killed in Syria on Feb. 12, was reported to have recruited and trained Mahdi fighters in Lebanon. The US has also linked Hezbollah to the formation of the Special Groups after the capture of a senior Hezbollah/Qods Force officer in Iraq in early 2007.
Both the Mahdi Army and the offshoot Special Groups cells have clashed with Shia members of the Awakening and Sons of Iraq movements. Special Groups cells have attack Awakening and Sons of Iraq checkpoints and murder and kidnapped members. The Mahdi Army has waged an aggressive campaign to prevent the formation of Awakening movements.
While Iraqi intelligence pointed the finger at Iran for attacking the Awakening and Sons of Iraq movements, US and Iraqi forces continue to target the Special Groups cells. Since Sadr declared the cease-fire on Feb. 22, there have been 11 raids against the Special Groups cells.

Norway and Sweden Arrest A Total of 6 In Terror Plot/Financing

Norway and Sweden each detained three people linked to financing terror abroad and plotting terror attacks. The arrests in Norway were for people suspected of financing terror overseas - the three arrested in Sweden were actually plotting a terror act.
The details are sketchy at this point but it's good to see the Scandinavians not messing around.
I guess I don't have to mention that the Norway financing was going to islamist extremists abroad, do I?

Here's the full story from Breitbart.

Norway arrests 3 suspected of financing terrorism

OSLO (Reuters) - Norway's state security police detained three people on Thursday suspected of financing terrorist activities abroad, the police said.
The three were arrested at various addresses in Oslo with the support of Norway's economic crime unit and Oslo's district police, the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) said in a statement.
The PST, which is responsible for national security, did not identify the suspects or the terrorist activity it believes they have supported.
It said in the statement that it would not comment further before it asked an Oslo court to let it hold one or more of the suspects in custody pending further investigation.
In Sweden, security services said they had taken three Swedish citizens into custody on suspicion of planning acts of terror and of financing terrorism. It was not clear whether the cases were connected.
Norway's PST said in its threat assessment for 2008 earlier this month that the threat of terrorism in Norway was low, but that it had indications some people were providing support to extremist Islamic organizations abroad.
(Reporting by John Acher; Editing by Elizabeth Piper)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Islamist Forum Member Suggests Stirring Up Racial Tensions Between Blacks and Whites In America

Islamists do like their internet forums and chat rooms. In this piece reported at MEMRI, an islamist in an internet forum called Al-Hesbah, who calls himself Al-Jawfi, wrote the following along with additional ideas from his gang of goat loving pediophile followers:

Al-Jawfi wrote: "I suggest that brothers who are fluent in English write messages, phrasing them skillfully in such a way [that they will seem to be] written by a black person slandering [the whites] or by a white person [slandering the blacks]… "

Forum member "Abu Hamed" wrote in response: "… I'd like to suggest a very simple idea: to quote [inflammatory] stories and sayings from [American] movies in order to spread civil strife among [blacks and whites]. For example, there is a movie called I Am Legend. According to its plot... the only person left in the sane world is black, while all the others have been infected by a virus and have turned into human monsters. We should visit forums of black Americans and present whites as monsters of this kind [that] should be exterminated…"

A regular forum participant, "'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Faqir," recommended to "collect racist images of blacks, or else materials that incite against whites, and call to take revenge upon them... translating [those materials] that need to be translated - providing that they are translated into colloquial American, preferably using expressions [characteristic of] black or white [English]..."
A member calling himself Al-Andalusi wrote: "I am currently living in the West… I'll write racist expressions on fences in order to generate antagonism between [blacks and whites], especially with the elections coming up. I speak fluent English…"

Forum member "Abu Suleiman Al-Sa'di" added: "One way to spread hatred is [to post] racist jokes. Here are some [examples], collected by one of the brothers. All of them are against blacks, but the brother has promised to collect some jokes against whites [as well]…"
What this shows is more intent by islamists that America is enemy #1 and that the goal of islam is to ensure the destruction of America by submission to Sharia, terrorist attacks, and/or societal upheaval via the kinds of propaganda outlined here or put forth by outfits like CAIR.

Remember, these are the same characters who fly into a rage at the slightest innuendo of criticism of Allah or Mohammed but they exalt their god or prophet with this type of activity. Religion of Peace? Try Ideology of Hate and War.

One Israeli, Namely Ronnie Yihya, Killed By Hamas Missile Attacks in Sderot

Hamas has blood on its hands today. Yes, Hamas fired over 50 missiles into Israel today, in and around Sderot and ended up killing one Israeli, a student by the name of Ronnie Yihya, and injuring others. But Ronnie Yihya was a 47 yr old student and he was the father of four children.
Hamas, you must pay for killing Ronnie Yihya. And Israel, it is your duty to avenge the killing of Ronnie Yihya.
The Israelis killed 8 members of Hamas earlier in the day but that was before Ronnie's death. And I don't want one death or even 8 deaths to pay for Ronnie's loss of life. I want the children of Ronnie Yihya avenged with the deaths of EVERY Hamas leader in Gaza. I want every Hamas leader in Gaza either exterminated or driven out into the Egyptian desert.
Hamas has been goading Israel into an operation in Gaza. Give it to them. Call their bluff and if the plan is to bring Hezbollah into the fight from the North, so be it. George Bush has only 10 months left and he has your back, Israel, believe me. George is in no mood for either Hamas or Hezbollah at the moment.
It's time. Yes, it's time to put an end to Hamas leadership. Wipe Them Out. A headless monster may live for awhile but will soon perish from starvation. Take off this beast's head, now.

Full story of Ronnie's death.

Ronnie Yihya, 47, father of 4, was killed, 10 people injured, in heavy Palestinian missile-mortar barrage Wednesday

Ronnie Yihya was a student at Sapir College outside Sderot. He came from Moshav Bitchah near Ofakim in southern Israel. He was killed and a second student critically injured by a direct Qassam hit to the campus, Wednesday, Feb. 27.
More than 50 missiles and dozens of mortar rounds, fired from Gaza in five hours Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 27, crashed into Sderot, Shear Hanegev, the Off Kor factory’s canteen, just after 200 employees had left, and several more civilian locations bordering on the Gaza Strip.
Ten people were injured and dozens suffered shock.
The last four exploded in Ashkelon, causing a partial electricity outage. An extended-range Grad landed behind the Barzilai regional hospital, another exploded in the industrial zone leaving several people in shock.
The barrage followed an Israeli airborne rocket attack, which killed 8 members of Hamas’ armed wing, just returned from training in Iran or an Arab country, who were driving on a bus to a Hamas military facility near Khan Younes in the southern Gaza Strip.
Palestinian sources reported that three of the seven dead were senior members of the Hamas Qassam Brigades’ missile unit.
Later Wednesday, the Israeli air force was again in action to strike back at the Qassam launchers. The Palestinians reported at least two fatalities. Hamas threatened to continue shooting missiles in response to Israeli targeted attacks. DEBKAfile military sources report Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians were initiated before and continue day after day, whether or not Israel strikes back.

Pakistani Opposition Parties Vow To Ban Military From Politics

Well, apparently Pakistan's opposition parties, who won big in the recent elections, have a boat full of grudges against Musharraf. Those opposition parties are now vowing to ban the military from any links to politics.
So what does this all mean? Well, in my view, chaos. Under Musharraf, the military was wel entwined with the President and the political structure and was at the immediate beckoned call to respond to military crisis across the country. These opposition parties are not concerned with the defense of Pakistan, they are only acting out on revenge against the way Musharraf has done business.
To put it in American terms, it is similar to the Democrat controlled Senate and House that were elected here in 2006. They spoke of such high aspirations but when it came down to it, they spent the first six months of their term in the majority lashing out at President Bush and hauling everyone they could latch onto in the Bush administration into Senate/House hearings. And we know how that turned out for the Dems.
By totally separating the military from the political side in Pakistan, the opposition will short term create huge delays in efficiency and response time. And this is exactly what the Taliban and al Qaeda had hoped for.
Pakistan's people will end up paying the price for continued Musharraf Derangement Syndrome and perhaps, so will the world.

Here's the full story from Reuters.

Musharraf's rivals vow to banish army from politics

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistani opposition parties which inflicted a crushing defeat on President Pervez Musharraf's allies in last week's election vowed on Wednesday to banish the military from politics.
At a show of strength gathering attended by 171 National Assembly members-elect, they also called on President Pervez Musharraf to immediately summon parliament so they can show they have the majority needed to choose the next prime minister.
U.S. ally Musharraf seized power as a general in 1999 but stepped down as chief of the powerful army in November before becoming a civilian ruler of a country which the military has ruled for more than half of its 60 years of existence.
While Musharraf did not take part in the February 18 parliamentary elections, the main party that backs him suffered heavy losses, largely because of the president's unpopularity and anger over rising prices and food shortages.
The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) of assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto won the most seats but not enough to form a government on its own.
The Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) of another former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, came second and the two parties are in talks, along with a smaller third group, on a coalition government that could force Musharraf from power.
Asif Ali Zardari, Bhutto's widower who now leads the PPP, said the opposition should work together to end the supremacy of the military-led establishment.
"I think the homage to my ... wife would be that we unite together, we take democracy, we take power for parliament and once and for all, finish the establishment," Zardari told the meeting.

Afghan Interior Minister Survives Ambush

Afghanistan's Interior Minister, traveling east of Kabul, was ambushed by Taliban jihadists and though a rocket was fired into his caravan, he escaped death and injury. The attackers followed with small arms fire but it appears that the caravan's defenses held them off.
First off, what is this guy doing traveling out in the hinterlands? And secondly, the article from Reuters mentions that it was not know if the attackers knew the Interior Minister was in the caravan. That's hard to believe - and it brings to mind how many of these attacks always seem to be right about the movements of these Afghan officials. That's right - I'm insinuating that there are a fair share of "informants" inside of the Afghan government. The same could be said in Pakistan where the country's surgeon general was just killed - how is it every time one of these high ranking officials travel outside of the well defended urban areas, they seem to get attacked?
I think this is way more than coincidence.

Afghan minister survives rocket attack, ambush

KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan's interior minister survived a rocket and small arms ambush by suspected Taliban insurgents to the east of the capital Kabul on Wednesday, a ministry official said.
Interior Minister Zarar Ahmad Moqbel was traveling through the Tangi Abrishim area of Laghman province when the attackers opened fire on his convoy with a single rocket, then followed up with a volley of small arms fire, the official said.
The minister's guards returned fire, but there was no news of any casualties in the exchange and it was not clear if the attackers knew he was in the convoy, said the official, who declined to be named.
More than 10,000 people have been killed since the Taliban relaunched their fight to oust the pro-Western Afghan government and eject foreign forces from the country two years ago.
While NATO and Afghan troops routinely beat Taliban forces in battle, the insurgency shows few signs of abating with daily clashes across the country and a suicide bomb campaign undermining public faith in security.
NATO-led forces have been conducting a wide-ranging offensive in volatile southern Afghanistan this week to disrupt the Taliban ahead of spring which each year heralds an upsurge in violence as snows melt and fighters emerge from mountain hideouts.
British, U.S., Canadian and Dutch troops in southern Afghanistan have borne the brunt of fighting the Taliban, but political leaders from those countries have so far been unable to persuade other NATO nations to send soldiers south to help.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gilad Shalit's Attorneys To Meet With Kidnappers

Well, Hamas is denying that they are planning to meet with two French attorneys who represent abducted Israeli soldier, Gilad Shilat, but since when has Hamas ever told the truth?
Here's what the French are saying: that Shalit's captors forwarded a letter to them from Shalit showing that he is still in good health and in return, the French attorneys agreed to come to Gaza and speak with Hamas about conditions for release.
Here is what one of the attorneys said:

"This dialogue led to an official invitation from the Hamas leadership to go to Gaza to meet them for talks to try to find a reasonable solution to this painful matter," he said, adding he and fellow lawyer Stephane Zerbib would leave on Saturday.
Now, my take on this? These French lawyers ARE going to Gaza and they ARE going to meet with Hamas. Hamas is putting up a smoke screen here - they are in a bad spot with Shalit. They want to continue holding Gilad Shalit as much as they want George Bush to visit again. The longer they hold Shalit, the greater the chance that something can go wrong. Believe me, Hamas wants Shalit out of their hands quick but they want to save face as much as possible and perhaps get some cash out of the deal.
Now, if I was one of the French attorneys, I'd meet with Hamas and then phone in the location of the meeting as soon as I left to the Israelis.

Here's the full story from Haaretz.

Shalit`s French lawyers say planning to meet his kidnappers

Two French lawyers representing Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit, who was abducted by Palestinian militants in June 2006, will travel to Gaza this week to discuss his fate with his kidnappers, a member of the family's legal team said on Tuesday. Hamas, one of the groups holding Shalit, denied planning to hold talks with the two lawyers. The lawyers told a Paris news conference that Hamas had forwarded a letter from Shalit, who also has French nationality, to his family in recent weeks and he appeared to be in reasonable health, mentally and physically

Shalit, then 19, was abducted by Palestinian gunmen from Gaza during a cross-border raid in June 2006. Hamas has said it will not release him unless Israel meets its demand to free nearly 1,400 Palestinian prisoners, including 350 with life sentences. Israel has rejected these terms. A Hamas official said his organization had nothing to discuss with the lawyers. "We deny what those two lawyers have said. We have nothing to do with them or to talk to them about the Shalit affair," Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri said. "This is a unique issue that is being given a unique treatment. It seems that those two lawyers are carrying out media propaganda for their own interests," he added. Altit told journalists in Paris that some Hamas leaders had threatened to kill the Israeli soldier, but that the letter had reassured his family about his well-being. "Clearly he wrote it under the control, under the supervision of his jailers, his abductors," he said.

Israel's Barak: 43 km Fence To Be Built On Egpytian Border

Israel's Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, while touring the Egyptian border, stated that a 43 km fence will be built and that it would take about 2 years to complete. I gotta believe that fence won't be cut apart by Hamas torches.
Here's what Barak said:

“a seventy kilometer long (43 miles) fence will be constructed along the border with Egypt, stretching from Beerotayim to Nitzana, and then all the way to the Rafah border crossing.”

Barak is smart enough to know that there will be more challenges along every border as time goes by. Hamas has been emboldened by their incursions from Gaza into Egypt and al Qaeda in Gaza is adept at finding any hole in any border. Barak doesn't say it but look for the Israelis to plant this fence very deep as more and more reports of tunneling activity are being found each and every day.

Here's the full story from YNET.

Barak: 43 mile fence to be erected along section of Egyptian border

The defense minister said that “Israel has made considerable strides in the war on terror in the past weeks. There are still, however, numerous attempts to smuggle arms and explosives along the Egyptian border, and the Israeli Defense Forces continue to work hard to thwart such attempts.” (Efrat Weiss)

Iran Calls U.N. Nuke Documents ' Fakes '

Iran finds itself now on their heels even with their normally cooperative and subservient United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency.
United Nations' representatives were presented with evidence that Iran had been working on nuclear weapons AFTER the 2003 point where the U.S. report said that they had stopped activity. And of course, Iran has stepped up to the plate at this point and called the documents fake. Yeah, right. Is Iran going to try and spin now that the IAEA is out to get them? Haha. The IAEA has been their best friend for years and it's probably the fact that the evidence is so overwhelming that the jihadist lenient IAEA couldn't hold the evidence back any longer.
Look at this from the article from AP:

A senior diplomat who attended the IAEA meeting said that among the material shown was an Iranian video depicting mock-ups of a missile re-entry vehicle. He said IAEA Director General Oli Heinonen suggested the component - which brings missiles back from the stratosphere - was configured in a way that strongly suggests it was meant to carry a nuclear warhead.
Other documentation showed the Iranians experimenting with warheads and missile trajectories where "the height of the burst ... didn't make sense for conventional warheads," he said.

Let's face it. About the time that the United Nations has all the evidence it needs that Iran has been working towards nuclear weapons, Iran will have nuclear weapons. And then what? Is the world going to entrust the U.N. to go in and get rid of Iran's nukes? A classic case of too little, too late.

Iran Dismisses Nuke Documents As Fakes
Associated Press Writer

VIENNA, Austria (AP) -- The U.N. nuclear monitoring agency presented documents that diplomats said indicate Iran may have focused on a nuclear weapons program after 2003 - the year that a U.S. intelligence report says such work stopped.
Iran again denied ever trying to make such arms. Ali Ashgar Soltanieh, the chief Iranian delegate to the International Atomic Energy Agency, dismissed the information showcased by the body Monday as "forgeries."
He and other diplomats, all linked to the IAEA, commented after a closed-door presentation to the agency's 35-nation board of intelligence findings from the U.S. and its allies and other information purporting to show Iranian attempts to make nuclear arms.
A summarized U.S. National Intelligence Estimate, made public late last year, also came to the conclusion that Tehran was conducting atomic weapons work. But it said the Iranians froze such work in 2003.
Asked whether board members were shown information indicating Tehran continued weapons-related activities after that time, Simon Smith, the chief British delegate to the IAEA, said: "Certainly some of the dates ... went beyond 2003."
He did not elaborate. But another diplomat at the presentation, who agreed to discuss the meeting only if not quoted by name, said some of the documentation focused on an Iranian report on nuclear activities that some experts have said could be related to weapons.
She said it was unclear whether the project was being actively worked on in 2004 or the report was a review of past activities. Still, any Iranian focus on nuclear weapons work in 2004 would at least indicate continued interest past the timeframe outlined in the U.S. intelligence estimate.
A senior diplomat who attended the IAEA meeting said that among the material shown was an Iranian video depicting mock-ups of a missile re-entry vehicle. He said IAEA Director General Oli Heinonen suggested the component - which brings missiles back from the stratosphere - was configured in a way that strongly suggests it was meant to carry a nuclear warhead.
Other documentation showed the Iranians experimenting with warheads and missile trajectories where "the height of the burst ... didn't make sense for conventional warheads," he said.

Monday, February 25, 2008

CAIR Tells Us How Much Better It Is To Be A Muslim Woman Than A Christian Woman

This is a favorite tactic of C.A.I.R. - to put up a story about a single individual that appears to be her story but in essence is used by CAIR to make a broader, more subtle statement. As most of my readers know, I will not link to CAIR's website unless absolutely necessary and that is true here - I have excerpted the entire story below but those that insist on seeing the story at origin, you can go to CAIR's website and find it.
The story featured is of a Texas medical researcher, Dr. Jane Colmer-Hamood, who divorced at the age of 50 after having three children and then of course, saw the light and married a muslim man and promptly converted from Christianity to Islam. And now of course, she is here to tell the world what a horrible life she led under Christianity and what a bed of roses she is experiencing now following the writings of a pediophile. Here's a good take on what CAIR really wants us all to see:

"My father, to his dying day, thought the best accomplishment I did with my
life was produce three children," Colmer-Hamood said. "That, in his mind, was
what I was supposed to do, and I was supposed to be thrilled-to-death that I
produced those children."
Within the constructs of her father's
Christian beliefs, she said, because they give birth, and that is their primary
duty in life, women existed on a level lower than that of men.

Got that? Women are viewed in Christianity as nothing but breeding stock. I guess that is entirely different from the women of islam who are treated as goddesses? Gimme a break. CAIR fails to point out today's muslim woman's adventures in Islam that include: genital mutilation, skin covering by hijad and/or burqa, honor killings and stonings for "illicit behavior."
Good old Dr. Jane apparently feels that there is so much more equality in a marriage within Islam than in Christianity. I'm telling you...I couldn't even try to make this shit up. Read it all below if you haven't had dinner yet.

TX: Doctor Explains What it Means to Be a Muslim Woman

For one doctor at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, a second marriage involved an exchange of much more than vows and wedding bands.
Dr. Jane Colmer-Hamood earned a Ph.D. in medical microbiology, married, raised three children, divorced and - at the age of 50 years old - after meeting her soon-to-be second husband, converted to Islam.
Hoping to dispel some of the common misconceptions many Americans may have about being a woman of the Islamic faith, Tech's Muslim Student Organization gave Colmer-Hamood an opportunity to tell her story Wednesday evening in the Human Sciences building.
"You have to be very careful when you look at things that appear to be great or that seem to be - somehow assuming that a woman is less - it may not have anything to do with the religion," she said, "and everything to do with the culture that people have been raised in."
Growing up to become a woman in a strict Christian Science household gave the Kansas City native few breaks, Colmer-Hamood said.
Disregarding his daughter's No. 1 position in her high school class and nearly a perfect GPA upon graduation from college, her father refused to endorse her desire to get an education and start a career.
"My father, to his dying day, thought the best accomplishment I did with my life was produce three children," Colmer-Hamood said. "That, in his mind, was what I was supposed to do, and I was supposed to be thrilled-to-death that I produced those children."
Within the constructs of her father's Christian beliefs, she said, because they give birth, and that is their primary duty in life, women existed on a level lower than that of men.
While the Quran teaches that there is a difference between men and women, Colmer-Hamood said, it establishes a foundation of equality between Muslim couples.
"I have been in many places many times within my own country where that doesn't occur," she said.
After a "family emergency" indirectly led to Colmer-Hamood's divorce from her first husband, she said she began feeling empty and wanted to find fulfillment.
The Muslim faith piqued her interest, she said, and she began to see Abdul Hamood, a devoted Muslim who was happy to introduce her to his beliefs when she asked.
After learning more and more about the teachings of the Quran, Colmer-Hamood said, she began to see that the mainstream representation of Islam was a far cry from the reality, especially when it came to the women who practiced that faith.

Jordan Charges 5 With Spying For Hamas

Hamas is feeling pretty confident nowadays. They successfully busted into Egypt and came away with some concessions, they have bombarded southern Israel with daily missiles without serious consequences, and of course, big brother in Iran is due to have an all protective nuclear arsenal in a year or so. So, with that kind of "teflon" mentality, Hamas has been busy recruiting spies in Jordan. Bad thing for Hamas is that the Jordanians caught their spies and have charged them and the link to Hamas is clear.
The five charged with spying are said to have been monitoring the Jordan border with Israel as well as the Israeli embassy in Amman.
It will be interesting to see what the Jordanians do with this - I suspect they will definitely lock up the spies but what will they do with Hamas? Every country in the Middle East is a bit squeamish right now in enciting the wrath (nuclear) of Iran so my guess is that Jordan will treat this as an internal problem.
Problem for Jordan is that this is just the start. Jordan is more than likely on the "country we would like to take over" list of both Hamas and al Qaeda, so Jordan may want to shore up some alliances with the West promptly.

Here's the full story.

Jordan charges 5 with spying for Hamas

Jordan's military prosecutor on Monday charged five men with acquiring secret information that could jeopardize the safety of the kingdom.

According to the indictment sheet, the five men, who were in police custody, were allegedly trained in military and security matters in an unidentified neighboring country.
The five were accused of taking courses on information security, tracing, resisting investigations and telecommunications, the indictment, which was made available to The Associated Press, said.
Hamas members who were residing in the neighboring country allegedly appointed the men to recruit new members in Jordan, monitor military installations along its borders and surveil the Israeli embassy in Amman, the indictment said.
It said that the men allegedly succeeded in monitoring military sites on Jordan's borders with Israel and Syria and the Israeli embassy in the capital.
It also added that this information was recorded on a flash memory stick and sent to the Hamas members. The indictment did not provide other details.

Taliban Threaten To Attack Afghanistan Mobile Phone Companies

The Taliban aren't lacking in targets to blow up, it seems. Today, the Taliban announced that mobile phone companies in Afghanistan must halt cell phone signals between the hours of 5 p.m. and 3 a.m. or their towers and offices would be attacked.
Here was the statement from Zabiullah Mujahid:

"If the companies don't stop their signals from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. in our areas, we will destroy their towers," Mujahid told Kyodo News by phone from an undisclosed location, reading a statement issued by the Taliban's leadership council.

I'm assuming that Mujahid made that phone call to Kyodo News BEFORE 5 p.m.! haha

The reason for the Taliban making this announcement? Well, it seems they are upset that NATO forces are having some very good success in using the cell phone signals to track Taliban operatives and then launch attacks on their hideouts.
Now, if I was the Aghan government, I'd go out this week and erect about 10,000 fake cell phone towers all rigged with booby traps on them. Then let the Taliban spend the next three months attacking fake towers instead of attacking innocent Afghans! But, that's just me.

Here's the full story.

Taliban militants threaten to attack mobile phone firms

KABUL, Feb. 25 (AP) - (Kyodo)—Taliban militants warned Afghan mobile phone operators on Monday that their towers and offices will be blown up if the companies do not halt phone signals for 10 hours at night.
The militants' purported spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said the U.S. and NATO military forces were using mobile signals to track down Taliban fighters and then launch attacks against their hideouts.
"If the companies don't stop their signals from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. in our areas, we will destroy their towers," Mujahid told Kyodo News by phone from an undisclosed location, reading a statement issued by the Taliban's leadership council.
He said the militants have given the companies a three-day deadline to comply with the demand, or else face attacks on their towers, offices and staffs.
There are four mobile phone companies in Afghanistan, providing services to nearly all parts of the poverty-stricken country. They have more than 3 million subscribers.
The companies are the most profitable foreign investment since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

Olmer Addresses Gaza Strikes. Siege and Protest

Israel's Prime Minister and his cabinet is laying it all out there regarding current operations against Hamas in Gaza and also is saying that Israel will do what it needs to do to defend against any action against its border by the protest scheduled by Gazans.
This is a statement out of the report from YNET:

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told Israel Radio "we will operate as we did in the first intifada against mass demonstrations; we will know how to deal with it. We won't mess around in this matter; we will take all the necessary measures to prevent infiltration into Israel's territory," he said.

"I hope the Hamas regime, which is bringing a Holocaust on its people, will eventually understand what it can and cannot do. They are trapped in their crazy ideology of Israel's destruction; they know it's not practical; they know they can't do it."

I don't know what to call on this pali demonstration that is scheduled to take place today - my hope is that it will fizzle. I think the fact that enough of the press has covered some of the possibilities makes it unlikely that we will see the surprise factor that happened when Hamas blew up the border fence into Egypt. My guess is that Hamas will take this opportunity to get some world press coverage of Gazans holding hands and looking all deprived and innocent, while senior Hamas will take the chance to evaluate just what defenses were put up by Israel - looking to learn not only about forces levels of Israel but also in a repeat protest down the line, what chinks in the army there will be.

Olmert: No apologies for Gaza strikes

The possibility that a Palestinian mob would attempt to cross into Israel through the Gaza security fence during the Hamas-organized mass protest is unlikely, but Israel is prepared for any scenario, Ehud Olmert said upon arriving in Tokyo on Monday on his first visit to Japan as prime minister.

"I am not aware of any warning regarding the possible infiltration of Palestinians into Israel, but in the Middle East, even the most imaginary scenario should be taken seriously," Olmert said.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians will join hands on Monday to form a human chain across the Gaza in protest of the ongoing blockade against the Hamas-ruled territory. At an expected 30 miles of length, the chain will stretch from Rafah in the south all the way to the northern town of Beit Hanoun.
Referring to the economic siege on Gaza, the prime minister said "we will strike wherever necessary to halt the Qassam rocket fire. We will not be lectured by anyone on this matter.

"Everyone is aware of the extent of the rocket fire (at Israel); we don’t have to apologize to anyone," he said.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sderot Mayor Is Willing To Have Ceasefire Talks With Hamas

I've seen it all now. Now, I can understand that being mayor of Sderot, Israel has been a real challenge over the past month of incessant missile attacks by Hamas, but for Eli Moyal to now tell Hamas he's willing to talk with them about a ceasefire is insane. And to add salt to the wounds, Hamas' response to Moyal was to shove it. So there you have it...this mayor caves in and is embarassed in front of the world.
I'm nowhere near qualified to be mayor of Sderot but it seems to me that this guy should be sitting on the floor outside of Olmert's office instead of sending in surrenderist emails to Hamas. He should be demanding non-stop talks with Olmert about how to move Hamas out of range of his town of Sderot.
Hamas doesn't negotiate. Hamas doesn't do anything but kill. And Hamas will not understand anything but the rain of hellfires down on their leaders and jihadists. Hamas only understands one language and it's high time Olmert starts speaking that language. Sderot will be one peaceful place when the remains of Hamas are left smoldering in Gaza.

Full story here.

Sderot Mayor to Hamas: Let's Talk

( Eli Moyal, the mayor of the shell-shocked Negev town of Sderot, said in a weekend interview that he is ready to talk to Hamas. The statement comes about a week after he demanded the assassination of the Hamas leadership and for Gaza villages to be razed.
In an interview for the British paper "The Guardian," Moyal said: "I would say to Hamas, let's have a ceasefire, let's stop the rockets for the next 10 years and we will see what happens."

He later clarified that he is not calling upon the Israeli government to talk with Hamas, but that he personally would be willing to talk to Hamas if it would help.
Moyal said he was approached by an Israeli intermediary to engage in talks with Hamas in Egypt but the meeting fell through because it was "complicated." "I believe that if they call me again I will be ready to do it. I will do the best I can to have that meeting," he added. "For me as a person the most important thing is life and I'm ready to do everything for that. I'm ready to talk to the devil."

Moyal said Israel was at risk of losing the moral high ground if political pressure for a massive military operation grows."Let's stop the rockets for the next 10 years and we will see what happen."

The Academy Award For Best Compilation of Jihadists Meeting Their Virgins Goes To...

How Does Hezbollah Deceive the World?

There's a fascinating article over at FamilySecurityMatters regarding the recent capture of Hezbollah-linked terrorists in France that points out some of the inner workings of Hezbollah. One area I found fascinating is the way they control the media and press in Lebanon and also world media outlets through western jounalists they have in their pockets. This, for example, explains the incredible deceitful spin that Hezbollah was able to accomplish in the war with Israel recently. Many of us sat on our asses with our mouths wide open when while Hezbollah had commited the world crime of abducting Israeli soldiers, western media was blatantly siding with Hezbollah in the Israeli war going on in Lebanon. I've excerpted the following here from the article that explains at least some of that:

Hezbollah also possesses an extremely sophisticated international media arm, which – like the terrorist organization’s military and security wing – is heavily financed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to the tune of one-billion U.S. dollars annually (in untraceable cash, flown in large bags from Teheran to Damascus, then trucked across the Syrian-Lebanese border into Lebanon).

Various sources in Lebanon are telling us that much of that money goes toward paying off editorial staffs in Beirut as well as buying Western journalists in that country in order to whitewash Hezbollah’s activities. Some of the Hezbollah-paid journalists publicly claim to be opposed to the terrorist organization, yet rarely – if ever – do they refer to Hezbollah’s operators as terrorists: Preferring instead to describe Hezbollah as either a “resistance” group or nothing more than a quasi-religious-political movement.

It’s a clever tactic engineered to deceive the West.

Now, another fine example of this media control by Hezbollah has been the spin surrounding the assassination of Hezbollah star terrorist Mughniyeh. 80% of the world didn't even know who this guy was and although people in Israel and the United States knew some of his cowardly attacks that killed hundreds of Americans and Israelis, the world was shown a picture of some poor martyr. How? Take a look:

This growing deception is working at various levels of the Western media – including the mainstream media, bloggers, and chatroom enthusiasts – which may speak to the marginal coverage of the captured Hezbollah cell in Paris. And we in the U.S. were privy to slowly simmering degrees of this deception over the past two weeks by the way in which Hezbollah’s recently-slain doctor of death, Imad Mughniyeh, was described by some media as a “hero,” even a “great national leader.”
Though certainly not “bought” by Hezbollah, the Associated Press even went so far as to give equal time to those who view Mughniyeh as if he were some mythic “holy” warrior.

We in the West have been played for far too long but the islamists in the Middle East. We have been coerced into sending billions of dollars in aid to the terroristic minions in palestine. We have bought the "rope-a-dope" of Hezbollah's media propaganda machine. We have been fooled by the Iranian sponsored U.N. dialogue.

And it is time to drag the little man out from behind the curtain. Expose the controlling forces behind the western media and let the world view the evil that has been given such a free pass. It's high time the West grows a pair.

Taliban In Pakistan Warn New Government To Stay Away

Here is it, right on cue. The Taliban and al Qaeda affiliates in NW Pakistan have already made their first demands of the newly elected Pakistani government while the chard dust hasn't even settled in polling places. Here's what a spokesman for the Pakistan Taliban said:

"Whoever makes the government, we want to make it clear to them we don't want fighting. We want peace, but if they impose war on us, we will not spare them," he said.
"We don't want political parties to repeat the mistake which Musharraf committed and follow a path dictated by the U.S."

Got that new Pakistani government? If you need some interpretation, it means this:

1. We, the Taliban, OWN the NW territories and you better keep out of our area
2. You better cut all ties with the West, especially the United States
3. If you don't do what we say, we will take care of you the way we did Benazir Bhutto

My guess is that the newly elected government officials will appease and back down and cower in corners like newborn kittens. They will be satisified to govern 80% of the country and hope and pray to the golden idol that the Taliban will be satisified with the northwestern area. And in the end, the result of all of this will be a spread of Taliban and al Qaeda influence throughout the country of Pakistan that will rival the worst bird flu epidemic models ever created.
I have been extremely critical of Musharraf in the past but the one thing he did not do was back down after five assassination attempts on his life - he put Pakistani troops in the NW territories as recently as six weeks ago.
The new kids on the block will show their yellow bellies and in essence, the fate of Pakistan will be sealed.

Here's the full story from Reuters.

Pakistan Taliban warn new government to keep clear

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan militants linked to al-Qaeda warned any incoming civilian government on Sunday they would strike even more viciously if President Pervez Musharraf's U.S-backed war on terror continued in tribal areas.
Following last week's inconclusive election, several political parties are in talks to form a coalition strong enough for a ruling majority in the National Assembly. How they deal with militants will be one of their most pressing challenges.
The Pakistan Taliban have been blamed for the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on December 27, as well as killing hundreds in attacks over the past few years.
In northwest Pakistan on Sunday, militants attacked a security post, killing a policeman and two paramilitary servicemen and wounding six others, officials said.
Maulvi Omar, a spokesman for the Pakistan Taliban, told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location that any new military operation in tribal areas would lead to more violence.

"We'll give them a chance," Qazi Hussain Ahmed, head of the Jamaat-e-Islami, told a news conference in Islamabad.

The Annual Carnage of Karbala

Some things in life seem to be automatic - the New York Yankees will be in the run for the American League Pennant, Hillary Clinton will campaign another day without wearing a dress and as in this case, Shiite pilgrims will present themselves as lambs for slaughter on their annual trek to Karbala.
We have had two bombings of this lemming-like trek and the last bombing at a way side tent claimed over 40 dead.
Here's the part that slays me on this. The Iraqi Government just a few days ago instituted a temporary new law banning carts on the streets in baghdad - the carts had been used to plant bombs as well as to smuggle in bombers and also as a distraction. So they banned carts on the the same time, umpteen thousand Shiite pilgrims decide to walk down a road to Karbala - with their route well laid out and public. Am I the only one to see the insanity here? Let's ban a few dozen carts in the streets but let's approve of 1,000,000 people walking down country roads?
Well, it's like a takeoff on the old saying.... Live by the Qur'an, Die by the Qur'an.

Here's the full story.

Iraq Bomber Targeting Shiites Kills 40

BAGHDAD (AP) - A suicide bomber struck Shiite pilgrims as they were resting Sunday during a days-long walk to a Shiite shrine, killing at least 40 people and wounding 60.
The attack in Iskandariyah, south of Baghdad, was the second of the day against pilgrims traveling to the holy city of Karbala. The pilgrimage marks Arbaeen, the 40th day following the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, one of two revered Shiite figures buried there.
The suicide bomber detonated at a tent where pilgrims stop to eat and drink, police said.
At least 40 people were killed and 60 were wounded, the U.S. military said.
"The blast devastated the entire tent," which was up by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Shiite Dawa political party, local official Saleh al-Massoudi said.
Iraqi police and U.S. troops quickly responded to the attack, which occurred on a two-lane highway outside a residential area south of Iskandariyah, 30 miles south of Baghdad, the U.S. military said. It said about 42,000 pilgrims had previously traveled through the area without incident.
Earlier, extremists attacked another group of pilgrims with guns and grenades in the predominantly Sunni Baghdad neighborhood of Dora, killing three and wounding 36, police said.
The attacks heightened tension around Arbaeen, when millions of pilgrims descend on Karbala, about 50 miles south of the capital.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hezbollah Investigation Claims Mughniyeh Killed By Israelis Aided By Palestinians

Now, this IS a Hezbollah claim so take that with a dozen grains of salt but it does bring up a very interesting scenario and web of contacts. Here's a portion from the DEBKA article:

Their investigators claim that the Israeli Mossad tracked him down through the Palestinian operatives with whom he recently rendezvoused in Beirut and Damascus to coordinate a new wave of terror against Israel.
The Palestinians he met did not know his real identity, they claim. He posed as a senior Iranian intelligence officer called Hajj Radwan, who was based inside the Hizballah command.
This information was leaked to the Mossad networks said to be working under cover in Beirut and Damascus

The key points I want to make here is that many of us just didn't realize how elusive Hezbollah's Mughniyeh really was. It's become apparent that besides al Qaeda's bin Laden and his #2 chimp and the Taliban's Mullah Omar, Mughniyeh was probably the next toughest to find. And you can see from the report that the palestinians who tippped the Mossad off didn't even know who he was, they were just reporting plans upcoming as well as that he might be high up in Iranian ranks. So my point is that this killing ROCKED Hezbollah and Iran - this is like finding a needle in a haystack.

As you read the full article, it is interesting to note that Mughniyeh moved throughout the areas of Lebanon, Syria and palestinian territories as a "lone wolf." This set him apart from all other terrorist and especially, terrorist leaders - he literally trusted NO ONE. And indeed, it is ironic that it was some pali contacts that ended up costing him everything. It still is beyond me how the Mossad got that bomb planted in Mughniyeh's car without being noticed or him being suspicious. It truly is amazing. And I'm sure Hezbollah is shaking its collective head too as well as shaking in their boots.

Hizballah probe claims Israel used Palestinians contacts for Mughniyeh hit

DEBKAfile’s intelligence report exclusively the findings of the special inquiry launched by Hizballah to solve the mystery of who killed the master terrorist Imad Mughniyeh and how.
DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources stress that, above all Hizballah was keen to clear itself of suspicion that Mughniyeh was betrayed by an insider planted by Mossad, and this report points at Palestinians who are accused of giving him away.
Their investigators claim that the Israeli Mossad tracked him down through the Palestinian operatives with whom he recently rendezvoused in Beirut and Damascus to coordinate a new wave of terror against Israel.
The Palestinians he met did not know his real identity, they claim. He posed as a senior Iranian intelligence officer called Hajj Radwan, who was based inside the Hizballah command.
This information was leaked to the Mossad networks said to be working under cover in Beirut and Damascus, who then tipped Mossad HQ in Tel Aviv. They too did not immediately identity Mughniyeh, say the Hizballah investigators – until a description was built up of his habits and connections. One of these was Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal. The Israeli agents, it is said, then put two and two together and came up with the dangerous terrorist Israel and the US had been hunting for two and a half decades.
Two pieces of information clinched the fix, says the Hizballah report.
One was the type of terror operations he discussed with his Palestinian colleagues: “Hajj Radwan” laid before Palestinian terror planners mass high-quality attacks inside Israel in conjunction with Iran and Hizballah. They talked about scale, targets, funding, weapons and manpower.
No one but Imad Mughniyeh was believed to have the breadth and skill to put together a complex Palestinian operation of this type and its detailed cooperation with Tehran and Beirut.
The other clincher was the fact that the “Iranian officer” turned up for all his meetings without bodyguards. In this Mughniyeh was unique. No other Middle East terror chief moves without bodyguards, but the Lebanese terror mastermind trusted nothing and no one but total secrecy. For the Mossad, his lone wolf habits were a telltale trademark.

The Shiite group’s investigators went on to claim that when the Mossad realized that Mughniyeh was within their grasp, they ordered two hit teams waiting in West Europe to set out for Damascus and Beirut.

Egypt Again Warns Hamas About Future Border Violations

I wonder if Hamas is getting the message? Egypt called Hamas officials to Egypt again for meetings and stressed once more that Hamas best not even think about tinkering with the border security between Gaza and Egypt.
Psssst....Hamas? I think they are serious.

It's my view that when Mubarek of Egypt initially allowed the palis to flow into Egypt he thought he would score some points in the Arab world as some sort of humanitarian star of the month. What Mubarek found out is what Israel has known all along: that the palis are a throng of locusts and vermin and that Hamas was quick to seize upon the situation and literally infiltrated Egypt with bombers and weapons. So now, Egypt has been embarassed by their being "taken" and I'm guessing that if any palis try to cross over again or if Hamas breaks out their torches again, Egypt is gonna start firing (real bullets this time).

There is a reason, you know, why Jordan and Egypt and Lebanon have not taken the palis in over the years. A good reason.

Here's the full story from Haaretz.

Egypt security officials warn Hamas against future border violations

For the third time in 10 days, a senior Hamas delegation crossed into Egypt Saturday to discuss the tenuous situation on the Gaza border, while top Egyptian security officials warned against any threats to the frontier. The six-person Hamas delegation, led by senior Gaza Hamas officials Mahmoud Zahar and Said Siyam, crossed into Egypt from Rafah terminal to meet Egyptian security officials in nearby el-Arish, a security official familiar with the discussions said. Egyptian officials repeated warnings to Hamas to stay away from the border and not even think of reopening it by force as they did on Jan. 23, when explosives blew several holes in the frontier and sent hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into Egypt to shop for supplies.

While President Hosni Mubarak originally allowed Palestinians to cross the border when it was blown open, the wounding of Egyptian soldiers by militants and the detention of some 20 Hamas members in Egypt carrying explosive belts and weapons strained relations. After the border was reclosed, Egypt's foreign minister threatened to break the legs of any Palestinians crossing illegally. Hamas responded by saying that they would breach the border again if the blockade continues

Canada Parliament Leaves Troops Vulnerable In Afghanistan

A Canadian general has admitted that while the Canadian parliament is contemplating whether Canada should extend troop deployments in Afghanistan, the Taliban are targeting his Canadian troops in hopes of swaying the Canadian legislators. This is the old al Qaeda-bombs-Spain tactic. The Taliban know that if they can inflict some dramatic damage to Canadian troops, more and more of the surrenderists in Canada's parliament will back down.
Here is what Gen. Rick Hillier said:

"We are, in the eyes of the Taliban, in a window of extreme vulnerability. The longer we go without that clarity, with the issue in doubt, the more the Taliban will target us as a perceived weak link," Hillier said in a speech. "Certainly there's a perception out there that the Taliban will try to take advantage of the debate back here and will try to prevent a cohesive mission,"

So, one has to wonder...will the Canadian parliament cave to the pressure or will they stand fast? Germany just came out and said they would add 400 more troops to the Afghanistan War in response to Canada's NATO challenge a month ago - will Canada's parliament embarass Harper by waving the white flag?

Here's the full story.

Taliban sees Canada vulnerable for now: general

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The Taliban may have mounted suicide attacks on Canadian troops this week expressly to dissuade Parliament from extending the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, Canada's outspoken top soldier said on Friday.

Chief of the defense staff Gen. Rick Hillier also said it was important for the Canadian Forces to be given a clear mandate for its future role in Afghanistan as soon as possible.
He said he could not exclude the idea that Taliban strikes this past week were designed to frighten Canada out of prolonging its 2,500-strong mission beyond the current expiry date of February 2009.

All three opposition parties had opposed an extension of a combat mission in the violent southern part of the country, but the minority Conservative government has now reached a deal with the main opposition Liberal Party to set a fixed end date of July 2011.
However, Parliament will not vote on that compromise until next month. It is theoretically possible that the government could fall in the meantime over the federal budget it will introduce on February 26.
With little Liberal appetite for triggering an election, that scenario looks increasingly unlikely but if the government were to fall, this would prevent parliamentary approval of the Afghan extension and it would then become an election issue.
Liberal leader Stephane Dion made clear on Friday that he did not want to topple the government over whatever small differences he might have with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Afghan motion.
"I would prefer not to have Afghanistan as a trigger for an election," he told reporters in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: ' Israel Will Cease To Exist ' After Next War

This is what Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, said today:

“Arab opposition, including Syria, and popular opposition will eliminate Israel; its armed forces will be defeated and Israel will be left with no army. We will fight as we have never fought before, confronting the Israeli army with of a type of combat it has never before experienced.”

Oh, and he added:

“Mughniyeh’s blood would not go unpunished"

Tell you what, Nasrallah. How about we add your blood to Mughniyeh's? Two for the price of one! How this slime ball continues to walk the earth and breathe oxygen is beyond me.

Here's the story from DEBKA.

Nasrallah declares Israel “will definitely cease to exist” in next war

The Hizballah leader, in his most vituperative speech against Israel ever, said Friday, Feb. 22: “Arab opposition, including Syria, and popular opposition will eliminate Israel; its armed forces will be defeated and Israel will be left with no army. We will fight as we have never fought before, confronting the Israeli army with of a type of combat it has never before experienced.”
Hassan Nasrallah pledged “Mughniyeh’s blood would not go unpunished, declaring,” He was killed in a pre-emptive Israeli strike, an open war.”
DEBKAfile: On Feb. 20, Israeli chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi indicated Hizballah planned to seize on an Israeli ground offensive against Gazan missiles to launch a revenge attack in the north and force Israel to fight on two fronts. He told graduating IDF officers: “It is up to us to achieve a quick victory in every confrontation.”
Nasrallah went on to say: “Israelis want to chop off the heads of the resistance leaders. We’ll take the decision when to defend ourselves and where… We won’t surrender because we have tens of thousands of Imad Mughniyeh.”
Turning to his quarrel with Lebanon’s government factions, Nasrallah accused “the majority of waiting for an Israeli war to finish Hizballah off.”

Pakistani Wedding Party, Guests Bombed By Jihadists - 16 Killed, Mostly Children

Every single day it gets worse. Ever notice that? A wedding party and guests traveling by caravan in the Swat area of Pakistan was bombed by a remote controlled IED today and the death toll is 16 with at least another 13 injured. I've said it before, this is not the work of islamic extremists - these are the acts of savages and more specifically, disciples of Satan. A child in a wedding is blown to bits in the name of Allah. How can anyone on this planet justify this? How can anyone on this planet continue to enable and pardon this "religion" of murder? How can anyone, after witnessing this day after day, continue to consider this islam a religion?
For the 100th time people, islam is a violent political ideology - it was born by a man no different than Hitler ...a mad man. And it is carried out by jihadists, no different than SS.

When will the people of planet Earth understand that our civilization is under attack and as each day passes, this hideous ideology is destroying us?

Here's the gory story from Geo.

Swat bomb blast death toll rises to 16

SWAT: Sixteen people were killed and 10 others injured when a vehicle of carrying marriage guests was attacked with a remote control bomb device here in Matta, sources said.A double cabin vehicle carrying guests of a marriage was attacked with a remote control bomb device, killing 13, most of them children. 13 others were injured.The incident took place near the residence of District Nazim, Jamal Nasir. Emergency was declared in Matta and Saeedo Sharif hospitals where bodies and injured have been shifted. Three critically injured persons later succumbed to their injuries in the hospital raising the total death toll to 16.

Ahmadinejad Warns The West Not To Play Games

Yeah, midget boy Ahmadinejad is spouting off again - big surprise, huh? This is what he said today:

“if the West wants to play a new round of games, it should realize that when our nation sets its mind on a course of action it sticks to it. The era whereby the western powers extorted and threatened Iran is unquestionably over”

He also said that the West better stop "playing games." Yeah, we get it Ahmadinejad, Iran is not going to stop its quest for nuclear weapons and it's up to the West to stop playing games and make sure you do not reach that goal. At least some of us get that, peon. By the way, some of the solutions to stopping you from getting nuclear weapons certainly would not be described as "games."

Here's the brief story from YNET.

Ahmadinejad: World powers will no longer violate Iran’s rights

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the Iranian News Agency Fars on Friday that “he warns the West not to play ‘additional games’ when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program".
The Iranian president addressed the western powers and noted that “if the West wants to play a new round of games, it should realize that when our nation sets its mind on a course of action it sticks to it. The era whereby the western powers extorted and threatened Iran is unquestionably over”. (Dudi Cohen)