Sunday, July 26, 2020

So, With Schools Shut Down, Many Wonder What School Teachers Have Been Doing


Lord of the Fleas said...

Yeesh. At least a third of that lot look like they should be on a sexual offender registry.

The teacher at the left end of row 2 looks like MS-13 without the facial tats.

I see that these are teachers from *across the country*, not just from the Portland area. That says a lot of things: Portland has to import terrorists? The imports would get their asses kicked if they tried this at home? Do they dare GO home now? And yes, this is a well-funded campaign, 'cuz I can't see some guidance counselor from Arkansas paying his own way to WA for the chance to get arrested.

And finally, check out and compare logos. That's embarrassing.

Master Diver said...

Isn't interstate travel to incite riot a Federal Offence/Felony? These clowns should not be allowed anywhere near a classroom!

Holger Awakens said...

LOtF -

It's crazy and yes, they do look the part of criminals but I'm guessing a photo in lock up isn't exactly like the setting for a "Glamour Shot" LOL

Unknown -

That's a great observation - hadn't thought of that. I'm curious now to see the announcement of these arrests and see where these "people" are from.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that photo montage is of people arrested in March of 2017. Yes, in Portland. But as to how many might be teachers? From elsewhere? Proof please.

Holger Awakens said...


Thanks for the observation. I grabbed that image off of Twitter the same way you grabbed yours off of Twitter. The photo was from American Conservative Voice ( so I took it that they did their due diligence. I know from many of these photos placed on the internet it's tough catching the correct dates at times.
Anyway, thanks for the input. I'm just a peon blogger in the middle of a cornfield and don't portray myself as being held to the extremely high journalistic standards of say....oh....a CNN.