Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Has anyone noticed how NOBODY on the Left is complaining one iota about the shutdowns, the StayAtHome orders, or the self-isolating/quarantine?  

There's a simple reason for that.  That already IS the lifestyle of these losers.  These social misfits.  

They sit 24/7/365 in Mom's basement shaking their fist at the world, signing petitions on MoveOn.org and reporting people on Twitter because their lives are a mess, they've always been a mess.

These are misfits, miscreants without friends, without family, without significant others....hell, potential pets even leave their homes and catch a train out of town.  

So, if you are a Conservative and are climbing the walls about now longing for a game of golf, a family BBQ, a trip to the beach, a concert to go to or just a neighborhood chat in the backyard, don't listen to the Social Justice Warriors - they are loving this because for the past 30 some days you and me have had to wallow in the wasteland of their daily misery.  Soon, we'll be free.  And they'll be locked in their cages again.  Forever.


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