Thursday, June 13, 2013

Christian Women Tortured and Paraded Nude Through Pakistani Town

Just another day in the world of "tolerant" and "peaceful" Islam.

So, when a Pakistani Muslim immigrant to America rattles for special treatment here in America, I'll just tell him we'll treat him just like they treat Christians back in his home country.  That's only fair, right?

The article comes from the Pakistan Christian Post via The Religion of Peace.

Muslim landlord torture Christian women and parade them nude in village

Kasur: June 6, 2013. (PCP) A shocking case have surfaced in a village of District Kasur where Christians women were tortured and paraded nude in village while their Christian men badly treated by Muslim landlords.

The Christian women Arshad Bibi, Sajida Bibi and Saruyia Bibi were beaten by armed Muslims who entered at about 11;00 PM while they were sleeping in their house and no man of the house was present in the house except one 73 years old man Sadiq Masih and his wife Bibi Rani 70 years old. The Muslim landlords of the village Sereser Chak No.21 Abrahim, Muhammad Rafique, Munir, Ahmad, Asif, Ahmad, Abid, Usman, Waseem, Waqas and Shabir and three unknown persons after beating made them publicly naked and no one showed courage to save them from that torture.

"Few days ago some goats were entered in the fields of Muslim landlords and they made them locked up in their house. I went to requested them to give back my goats but they refused and abused me and slapped at my cheeks in front of many people on which I returned back home," told Shoukat Masih.

"On June 2, 2013, they blocked the way of my brother Shoukat Masih when he was going to his work and exchanged hot words. In revenge of this that being Christian how I dared to speak in loud voice with them, they beaten and tortured and made naked our women when we were on our work and they also tortured our 73 years old father and wounded his one leg" told Boota Masih.

"On June 3, 2013, at morning we contacted Rev. Saleem Gill, DS Pattoki Church of Pakistan and along with him approached to SHO Pattoki but he did not bother to hear our request and rejected to receive our complaint," and at evening some police officials also raided at our house along with Muslim Landlords and threatened us to make involve us in criminal case," told Shoukat Masih.

On June 4, 2013 in the morning Rev. Saleem Gill informed Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill, National Director LEAD, to help the persecuted family and give them legal aid in this case.

National Director LEAD went to the village and met the family and got information regarding the case, and approached to DSP Pattoki for the registration of FIR against the alleged accused who beaten and publicly made naked Christians Women and also recorded protest along with the victim family.

The FIR No.231/13 has been registered against the alleged Muslims at Police Station Sadar Pattoki under Sections 452,354,337/FI,149,148 of PPC.

The Muslim allegedly accuse and threaten the Christian family with support of Police has also got registered FIR No.234/13 under Sections 440, 379, 148, 149 of PPC so that they could make pressurized the victim Christian family for compromise.

There are some other Christians who told that they are often being threatened and treated badly and inhumane way by Muslims Landlords. They told to Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill that they were poor and that's why they were treated like animals.

The LEAD organization has been asking for much needed financial and moral support to continue defending Pakistan’s minority Christians. Many of our clients are very poor and unable to afford legal services. Due to this fact, many incidents go unreported, causing them to be under constant abuse from their oppressors. LEAD Advocates offers free legal aid and assistance to those unable to pay and persecuted.

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