Sunday, January 1, 2012

Connecticut Field Trip. Unbelievable.

Hartford, CT middle school kids visit local religious facilities, learn tenets of Islam

Would you approve of your kids school doing this???
In Hartford, Connecticut middle school kids are taken on a field trip to a Mosque to hear Dr. Nzam Al-Nasir explains the tenets of Islam.

via Hartford kids visit local religious facilities – Canton, OH –

Dr. Nzam Al-Nsair a local practicing Muslim gives a talk to Hartford Middle School students. ( / Stan Myers)Nick Spondyl, a Canton City School teacher and life-long member of the Greek Orthodox Church, combined these two aspects of his life as a teaching tool for his students.
The Hartford Middle School instructor recently led 70 seventh-graders on a one-day tour of three major faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The group visited with Bruce Braun, a Jewish cantor who showed them a Torah and demonstrated a Menorah lighting at Temple Israel.

They also toured Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, where they had lunch with the Very Rev. Daniel Rogich.

Dr. Nzam Al-Nasir, a Muslim, also gave a presentation about the basic tenets of his faith.

Did they visit a mosque too? Why doesn’t this news article clarify that?

“They responded pretty well to it. They were pretty attentive,” Spondyl said. “We sometimes get confused on who’s culture is what. I think it clarified some things for them.”

Spondyl said the tour was in conjunction with a curriculum at Hartford, which examines the world’s five major religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

Though religion is on display practically everywhere in the U.S., there remains a disconnect between what people see, and what they know.

“A lot people don’t know what the Orthodox Church is. They think we still believe in Zeus,” Spondyl said, laughing.

Spondyl said it was the first year for such a field trip, and credits Hartford Principal Sandy Womack and Rogich for their assistance.

“The bottom line is respect for other people’s cultures and religions,” Spondyl said. “That’s what I wanted them to learn. We’re all different, but we’re all the same.”

If they visited a church, be sure they will be visiting a mosque in the near future, if they didn’t already.

School website and contact info here.

Here’s how it turned out in Massachusetts:

Hartford is sharia friendly and Connecticut has been covered many times here:


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